Air Land Sea


The ‘AirLandSea’ Cascadian Rambler is a limited edition all-road/off-road bicycle made to carry you and your stuff over rough tarmac, gravel, dirt roads, and muddy single-track trails typical to the PNW. With custom graphics illustrated by Kyler Martz and a PNW inspired, 3-color fade paint scheme, the ‘AirLandSea’ is designed to get you there and back with lots of features included in the design and build configurations. Choose from one of 7 stock sizes (see geometry drawings below) made to fit riders ranging from 5’ – 6’5” with some overlap between all of the seven stock sizes with sloping top tubes to ensure a close to custom fit and proper handling in all sizes. Each individual size has its own, size specific, tubeset w varying tube diameters and progressive geometry specific to each size.

The concept for the ‘AirLandSea’ comes from my experience and desire to create a go anywhere bike that can do many things in comfort and style. It’s spec’d to be able to switch from a front loaded all-road/off-road set-up with a steel touring fork to a tapered steerer carbon all-road/gravel racer with a simple fork swap. The handbuilt steel touring fork is low-trail with front rack and low-rider rack mounts and has plenty of room for tires up to 27.5”/650b x 2.25” with 65mm fenders. The option to easily switch to a tapered steerer carbon cx fork keeps things lighter for more spirited riding without a heavier front load. In trying to keep the bike as simple as possible, I chose to spec it with a 1x chainring set-up (2x setup w Di2 also available-please inquire) since there are some great wide range cassettes available that help to keep shifting simple, keep good chainring/tire clearance, and allow for easy single-speeding should the rear derailleur get smashed far from a shop, it happens.

Also on offer as part of the collection are the custom designed ‘Paloma’ and ‘Ozette’ rando style front bags made by the good folks at Swift Industries. Available in 3 sizes (S, M, L) the ‘AirLandSea’ Ozette includes some special features such as ‘molle’ webbing on the back of the bag for a pocket, feed bag, and a stitched on tab for a Boombot ‘Rex’ bluetooth speaker. With a nod to hunting jackets of yore, the Buffalo plaid w blaze orange pocket accents, adds to the overall customness of this special project and also includes very a special ‘Clarence the Creature’ patch sewn on front. Also complementing the ‘Ozette’ bag is a new, in house designed, fully adjustable decaleur (bag stabilizer) that works to keep the bag in check over the rough stuff.

All in all, the ‘AirLandSea’ is a solid handmade machine made for rugged riding on a variety of terrain. Every frame is made to order with precision and care like every 333fab bicycle.

– Maxwell Kullaway

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