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(Last updated on March 6th, 2023)

Beach cruiser electric bikes bring a big boost to the boardwalk-loving wheels that have carried riders around town for decades. These days, you can arrive at your destination sweat-free and savor the ride thanks to efficient motors and integrated batteries. 

Modern beach cruiser ebikes share the timeless design we know and love as well as fun color options. With so many models to choose from, I’ve selected the 5 top ebikes that are sure to electrify your next outing at the beach or wherever else you like to roll. 

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Woman riding beach cruiser electric bike on sandy beach. Trek Bicycles

How I Picked the Best Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes of 2023

I based my decisions on extensive research from manufacturers’ specs, expert opinions, and user reviews as well as current availability. 

The beach cruiser style is popular within the growing ebike industry so there are tons of brands competing for a slice of the pie, offering their take on a comfort-oriented electric bike made for recreational riding. The models below are from trusted brands that are common sights on bike paths around the country and the bigger names like Trek and Specialized are easy to find at your local shop for a test ride. For a complete look at the best manufacturers on the market, check out our guide to the best bike brands.

I gave an overall rating as well as a specific performance rating to each ebike according to the following criteria:


Ebike or not, all beach cruisers are built to put comfort first. I gave points for low- or step-thru geometry as well as wide, swept-back handlebars that encourage an upright pedaling position. Wide tires and a soft seat can boost the experience, too.

Motor & Battery

I included both mid-drive and rear hub motors on this list. Mid-drive systems offer a more natural-feeling boost but rear hub motors keep costs down. A longer range is always better but bigger batteries may have to be mounted outside of the frame.


Beach cruisers need to look good rolling down the boardwalk, so I gave additional points to bikes with a range of color options and extra features. Curved frame shapes and customizable wheels or tires can go a long way to make your bike stand out from the crowd.


Beach cruisers are typically some of the most affordable bikes out there since they are designed for casual, recreational riders. I rated models according to their overall value based on price.

Compare the Best Beach Electric Cruiser Bikes at a Glance

Best Overall Beach Cruiser Electric BikeBosch Active Line, 250W70 milesShimano Tourney TX 8-speed9.5/10$2,499
Best Design Beach Cruiser Electric Bike500W rear hub20-40 milesShimano Tourney 7-speed9/10$1,295
Most Tech-Savvy Cruiser EbikeSpecialized SL 1.1 custom lightweight motor, peak 240W93 miles with Range Extender8-speed Alfine Internal Gear Hub and Gates Belt Drive9/10$4,250
Best Budget Beach Cruiser Ebike350W rear hub24-40 miles7-speed8/10$1,299
Most Customizable Beach Cruiser EbikeRear hubUp to 80 milesSingle-speed or 7-speed8/10From $1,999

Best Overall Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

1. Trek Electra Townie Go! 8D EQ

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Trek Electra Townie Go! 8D EQ beach cruiser electric bike. Electra

Our Rating




Frame6061-T6 aluminum w/patented Flat Foot Technology®
MotorBosch Active Line, 250 watts
Max. speed20 mph
BatteryBosch PowerPack 400
Range70 miles
DrivetrainShimano Tourney TX 8-speed


  • Bosch mid-drive motor higher quality than rivals
  • Bold, fun colors and classic cruiser frame design
  • Comfortable Flat Foot Technology geometry


  • Externally mounted battery isn’t as sleek as other models
  • Pricer than rear hub drive models

The Trek Townie Go! 8D EQ cruiser is one of the most popular e-bikes around, with all the stats and features to back up its position at the top of this list. The major draw here is the Bosch mid-drive motor, whereas similarly priced models opt for a rear hub motor with less performance. The bike is technically under the Electra brand, which is Trek’s subsidiary that focuses on hybrids and cruisers, so you can trust that this bike is perfectly designed for recreational riding.

The Townie is recognizable because of its relaxed cruiser frame with a standard downtube that mounts the external battery rather than integrating it inside. The e-bike industry has been increasingly moving towards hidden batteries and fatter downtimes, but Trek sticks to its guns here and embraces the simple design. I personally don’t mind it, but it could be a dealbreaker for some riders, knocking half of a point off my otherwise perfect rating. The Bosch PowerPack 400 can provide up to 70 miles on a single charge.

The Townie Go! has a Bosch Active Line Gen 3 250W motor with a top pedal-assist speed of 20 mph that’s plenty fast and stays within most local regulations. It’s quiet and powerful and gives a more natural-feeling boost than rear hub motors. There are four pedal settings from Eco to Turbo modes to push you along errands, joyrides, or boardwalk adventures. 

The frame geometry’s Flat Foot Technology allows for a relaxed sitting position and makes it easy to plant your feet on the ground while stopped. 8-speed gearing and mechanical disc brakes elevate the performance and there’s room for a rear rack, too. If you’re cool with this beach cruiser’s unique look, almost nothing out there can beat this deal.


Motor & Battery5/5


It’s an excellent value with a powerful mid-drive motor, but some riders might not like the look of the external battery.

Best Design Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

2. SixThreeZero Around the Block

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SixThreeZero Around the Block beach cruiser electric bike. SixThreeZero

Our Rating




Motor500W rear hub motor
Max. speed28 mph pedal-assist, 20 mph throttle mode
Battery48V 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery
Range20-40 miles
DrivetrainShimano Tourney 7-speed


  • Attractive frame shape and color options
  • Affordable price make biking accessible
  • Throttle mode and pedal-assist levels for more riding choices


  • Rear rack battery placement stand out
  • Hefty steel frame and rear-heavy handling

A classic beach cruiser design with huge upgrades, the Around the Block e-bike is eye-catching in all the best ways. Aesthetically minded riders will love that the relaxed frame is available in elegant pastel colors and attractive accents on the rims, rear rack, and tires. If looking good is your thing, this electrified cruiser from the popular brand SixThreeZero is a sure bet.

There are all the hallmarks of the timeless cruisers we know and love: curved frame geometry, color-matched fenders, chain guard, balloon tires, and a rear rack. The rear rack is loaded up with the external battery but the double-decker design lets you carry other items on top. I like this unique battery placement since plenty of cruiser users use a rear rack anyway but some people may not appreciate so much bulk at the back of the bike. 

The rear hub motor is rated at a powerful 500W that can reach 28 mph with pedal assist and a top speed of 20 mph in throttle mode, a big plus for riders who want the option to ride full electric. The maximum range is between 20 to 40 miles which are decent for such a hefty, comfort-oriented bike. 

The rear hub motor and battery position mean there’s a ton of weight over the rear wheel which can mess with handling, knocking a point off of my rating. Mechanical disc brakes and 7-speed gearing are great updates to traditional cruisers while the bike maintains the classic comfortable riding position for fun in the saddle all day long.


Motor & Battery4/5


A great-looking electric cruiser with unique color combinations that’ll impress anywhere you ride.

Most Tech-Savvy Cruiser Ebike

3. Specialized Turbo Como SL 5.0

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Specialized Turbo Como SL 5.0 beach cruiser electric bike. Specialized

Our Rating




FrameE5 Aluminum
MotorSpecialized SL 1.1 custom lightweight motor, peak 240W
Max. speed28 mph pedal-assist
Battery320Wh with optional Range Extender
Range93 miles with Range Extender
Drivetrain8-speed Alfine Internal Gear Hub and Gates Belt Drive


  • Significantly lighter than rival electric cruisers
  • Low maintenance due to the internal gearing and belt drive
  • Sleek look with internal cables and high-quality paint


  • At $4,000+, it’s much more expensive than competing models
  • Different mid-step design compared to traditional beach cruisers

For the tech lovers out there, the Specialized Turbo Como SL 5.0 comes loaded with the latest features to transform your boardwalk ride into a buttery-smooth cruise. Its price is the highest on this list, but that cash is well spent on the sleek design, lightweight states, and spaceship-level specs. The Como SL 5.0 stands alone as one of the only high-end electric cruisers on the market that combines comfort with super-efficient performance.

Some of the top touches include the 8-speed internal gear hub which means the bike can run a Gates belt drive that cuts down on maintenance and improves longevity. The best way to upgrade the riding experience on an e-bike is to shave off weight. The “SL” in this model’s name stands for Super Light, weighing in at a slim 45 lbs. and saving almost 20 lbs. compared to competing e-cruisers!

There’s integrated cabling to achieve an ultra-clean look and the hidden battery is barely noticeable inside the downtube. The mid-drive motor gives a much more natural-feeling boost than a rear hub system and the futuristic front basket is ready to carry all your ride essentials. The steep price tag lowers my overall rating slightly but if you can handle the higher price, this electrified cruiser is a truly luxurious ride. Riders looking for a low-step frame can check out the step-thru Turbo Como 4.0.


Motor & Battery5/5


A lightweight and high-end electric cruiser with top tech, including internal gearing, belt drive, integrated cables, and streamlined profile.

Best Cruiser for Smooth-Surface Riding

4. Aventon Pace 350 

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Aventon Pace 350 beach cruiser electric bike. Aventon

Our Rating




Frame6061 single-butted aluminum alloy
Motor350W rear hub
Max. speed20 mph, throttle and pedal assist
Battery36V 11.6Ah lithium-ion
Range24-40 miles


  • Comfortable low-step geometry
  • Both throttle and pedal assist levels for extra ride modes
  • 49 lbs. are relatively light considering its affordable price


  • Limited gray and white color options aren’t too enticing
  • Not the highest quality of components

Aventon has risen to the top of the e-bike game recently and the step-thru Pace 350 offers excellent bang for your buck. The original model when Aventon first pivoted to electric bikes, the Pace range has been tweaked over time to achieve maximum comfort and ease of use for recreational riding. Its modern design splits the difference between a beach cruiser and a hybrid so you can take advantage of the extra versatility.

Like other budget-friendly ebikes on this list, the price tag is just over the $1,000 mark and there’s a rear hub motor. I’ve opted for the 350W model that I think is the best value but there’s a 500W version as well for riders who want a bit more power. The motor tops out at 20 mph in both throttle as well as pedal assist modes. 

The beefy downtube holds the battery inside to offer an upper range of 40 miles. The overall profile is clean and modern but the bike is only available in gray and white colors which are quite boring when compared to its rivals, knocking a point off of my rating. 


Motor & Battery4/5


Easy-to-use e-bike that’s comfortable and has the efficiency of a hybrid.

Most Customizable Beach Cruiser Ebike

5. Electric Bike Company Model Y

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Electric Bike Company Model Y beach cruiser electric bike. Electric Bike Company

Our Rating


From $1,999


Frame6061 aluminum hydro-formed frame
MotorRear hub motor
Max. speedFactory-set to 20mph but can reach 28 mph when re-programmed
RangeUp to 80 miles
DrivetrainSingle-speed or 7-speed


  • Hugely customizable color and accessory options
  • Innovative front basket with integrated battery
  • Hydraulic disc brakes add extra stopping power


  • Not the highest quality motor and battery
  • Opt for the 7-speed gearing over the single-speed setup

While the brand’s name— the Electric Bike Company— may not be very creative, their Model Y electric cruiser bike can be customized with virtually endless color combinations and accessories. Show off your personal style with this bold cruiser and play around with its design tool to create your dream bike! 

Peeling back the colorful layers, the e-bike is built around an aluminum step-thru frame and comfortable, swept-back handlebars. It’s a classic cruiser setup but the wildcard is the battery that’s placed inside the front basket. I like that as a solution as riders get a free included basket. Also, it might help distribute the extra weight better across the entire bike since the rear hub motor adds heft toward the rear. The factory settings have the maximum speeds of both throttle modes and pedal assist put at 20 mph, but it can be reprogrammed to reach 28 mph— make sure you follow your local regulations though.

I’m impressed that there are hydraulic disc brakes for added stopping power. I would opt for the 7-speed gearing option rather than the single-speed version to give you the right gears for a good cadence with pedal assist. However, if you are looking for the highest quality motor and batteries, this is not the two-wheeler for you. That said, you simply can’t beat the huge range of customizable options to ensure you get a head-turning ebike! 


Motor & Battery3/5


Customizable cruiser with a tech-savvy front basket and classic feel.

Buyer’s Guide

Group of three friends at park picnic with electric cruiser bikes. Trek Bicycles

Rear Hub or Mid-Drive Motor?

The biggest difference you’ll notice between electric cruisers is their type of motor: mid-drive or rear hub drive. The choice of motor is fairly obvious both in the bike’s appearance (mid-drives have a chunkier bottom bracket while rear hub drives enlarge the hub significantly) and the price. Mid-drive e-bikes are more expensive since they are typically higher-performance and preserve the natural center of gravity we are used to on standard bikes. 

Since e-bikes have motors that provide an extra boost while pedaling, the drivetrain isn’t as important as on standard bikes. Most models on this list have relatively narrow 7- or 8-speed gearing, but that’s plenty of range when paired with pedal assistance. I wouldn’t go below 6 gears, though, which can make finding an ideal cadence a bit more difficult.

The Features to Look Out for

Accessories and the smaller touches can make or break an e-bike. And I’m not being picky either— there are so many models on the market today that riders can really choose and match their ebike to their specific needs. Things like frame color, front baskets, rear racks, step-thru geometry, integrated lights, and more can enhance the experience and encourage you to ride more often.

Additional important features include a throttle mode for riders who enjoy pedal-free cruising or app compatibility to adjust your settings at the touch of a button. Take note of other parts like a kickstand, water bottle mounts, and weight to narrow down your search based on your preferences.

If you need extra wide tires for navigating terrain such as snow, sand, or mud, you may consider one of the fat tire mountain bikes

How to Find Your Frame Size?

While non-motorized bikes come in several sizes per model, e-bikes are typically available in only a couple of frame sizes. This reduces the number of special frames made to accommodate the battery or motor and keeps costs to a minimum, but there are fewer options to find the perfect fit. 

Cruisers have a forgiving frame geometry designed to accommodate a large range of rider heights, but it’s always best to choose the size that most closely resembles your measurements. Frames vary between manufacturers, so my best advice is to refer to the model-specific size chart on the bike’s webpage— it’s tailored to that ebike, so you get the most accurate size suggestion. That said, nothing beats an old-fashioned in-person test ride!

If price isn’t a question or you’re just curious about the luxury models out there, get your hands on the most expensive bikes in the world!

Final Thoughts

Beach cruiser bikes have been around for decades and have stood the test of time because of their stylish design and comfort levels. Modern riders can now take advantage of the latest tech that electrifies these cruisers and makes pedaling easier than ever! Feel free to use this product roundup as a starting point in your search and continue exploring the excellent models that made this list. Ride easy, ride safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a cruiser bike an electric bike?

Some cruisers have batteries and electric motors, whereas there are still plenty of standard, non-motorized beach cruiser bikes around today. Electric cruisers are one of the most popular e-bike styles because of their relaxed sitting position and comfort from not having to pedal so hard.

How much does an electric beach cruiser cost?

Electric beach cruisers can cost anywhere between $1,000 to over $4,000. I recommend spending at least $1,200 on a bike with quality electronics and durable components that will last several years.

Is a beach cruiser bike good for long distances?

While cruisers are meant more for recreational riding than extended trips, the electric motors on e-bikes let you go further with less effort. Feel confident going on longer rides and tackling steeper hills thanks to the extra boost from the battery and motor.

What are the 2 types of electric bikes?

The two main categories of electric bikes are mid-drive vs. rear-hub drive. Mid-drive e-bikes are more expensive and offer a more natural-feeling boost because of the motor’s central placement. Rear hub motors are more cost-efficient but can add significant weight over the back wheel.

What is the difference between an e-bike commuter and a cruiser?

While nothing stops you from commuting on an electric cruiser bike, they typically lack extra features like racks and slick road tires that help during a commute. Cruisers and commuters both have fenders, but cruisers have more relaxed, laid-back frames and handlebars.

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