Best 16-inch Bike For 4 And 5 Year Olds: Ask The Experts (2023)

(Last updated on April 13th, 2023)

There are many bike options if you are looking for a 4 and 5-year-old. However, the choices can seem overwhelming when balancing safety, style, rideability, and fun. But don’t worry – I’m here to help clear up the confusion about buying the best 16-inch bike for 4 and 5-year-olds. 

In this article, I will talk about the best 16-inch bikes. More specifically, I’ll look at the best bikes for 4 year old and five-year-olds. 

Then, I’ll discuss how I chose these five best kids’ bikes and give you the criteria for each. Finally, I’ll explain who can ride a 16-inch bike and give you my opinion on the best kid’s bike. But first, let’s take a look at the bikes! 

Tough and fun the Precaliber is one of my best choices for 16 inch bikes 1
Tough and fun, the Precaliber is one of my best choices for 16-inch bikes. Trek

The Best 16-inch Bikes for 4 and 5-Year-Olds are: 

  • Woom 3.  Best All Around Kids Bike. $449.00
  • RECo-OpOp REV 16. Best Customer Support for a Kids Bike. $229.00
  • Precaliber 16. Best 4-Year-Old Bike. $299.99
  • Scott Roxter 16 Best Overall Beginner Mountain Bike. $549.99
  • RALEIGH Bikes Rowdy 16/20/24 Kids Bike for Boys and Girls Best Beginner Mountain Bike for Smaller Riders $280.00

Best 16 Inch Bikes at a Glance

BikeFrameWeightGearChain GuardBrakesPriceRating
Woom 36061 Aluminum with upright positioning13.1 poundsWeight limit: 130 poundsSingle SpeedYesColor-coordinated, adjustable hand brakes$449.004.9/5
REI CoOp REV 166061 Aluminum Frame with steel fork BMX style with Riser style handlebarsWeight limit: 80 pounds Single Speed YesRear Coaster Brake$229.004.75/5
Precaliber 16Aluminum frame with steel fork Bike weight: 18 pounds Weight limit: 80 pounds Single speed 26t chainring with 18t cogYesRear coaster Brake$299.994.6/5
Scott Roxter 166061 Aluminum Frame with straight bars Bike weight: 18 pounds Weight limit: 110 poundsSingle Speed 26t chainring with 18t cogYesRear coaster and front V Brake$549.994.6/5
Raleigh RowdySmall aluminum frame Bike weight: 19 pounds Single speedNoFront and rear V brakes$280.004.3/5

Best Kids All-rounder 16-Inch Bike

1. Woom 3

The Best All Around Kids 16 Inch Bike 2
The Best All Around Kids 16-Inch Bike. Woom

Our Rating




PositioningUpright for visibility 
FrameLightweight aluminum weighs 13.1 pounds 
BrakesColor-coded, adjustable hand brakes
Ergonomic featuresErgonomic crank length and pedal width low point of entry (low top tube) 
Safety FeaturesChain guard, steering limiter helps children ride straight
Training wheelsEasily removable 


  • Innovative brake system with color-coding and adjustability 
  • Ergonomic design from pedals to the frame 
  • Long wheelbase with easy gearing 


  • You have to put the bike together yourself 
  • You’ll need to teach your child to brake well without coaster brakes

Woom has created an extraordinarily thoughtful and innovative bike for young riders. Aimed at riders ages 4 to 6 and 41 to 47 inches tall, this bike has elements perfect for new or unsure riders. 

First, the frame is high quality and lightweight aluminum, so the bike isn’t too heavy for a small rider to drag around. Next, it has a low-top tube to make getting on the bike easier. But what I really love is that the geometry of the bike is created around smaller riders. 

So the cranks’ length, the pedals’ position, and the handlebars’ position are created to be comfortable and safe and make pedaling more efficient. The single-speed bike is geared for beginner riders, with an 18t chainring in the front and a 10t cog in the back to make pedaling easy. And, of course, the chain is covered by a chain guard to keep curious fingers safe. 

Finally, the longer wheelbase makes the bike more sturdy and balanced. 

Another innovative aspect of this bike that makes it stand out from other brands is the brake system. The brakes are color-coded to help kids learn which is which, and they are also adjustable so you can finetune them to your child’s smaller hands. 

The bike is available in red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. 

Woom has created lots of safety features including this chain guard 3
Woom has created lots of safety features, including this chain guard. Woom

I love how Woom has thought through all the details for your little rider yet kept the price very reasonable. No wonder these bikes are so popular – they’re just fun for your child to ride! They won’t be worrying about safety features, and neither will you. The bike has the tools needed to assemble it and complete instructions. 


Size and Weight of the Bike 5/5
Frame Style and Ergonomics5/5
Ease of Assembly4.5/5
Safety Features5/5 


This bike is nearly perfect – except you need to assemble it yourself. Overall, it is a well-thought-out back with ergonomic designs and plenty of safety features. Unfortunately, it didn’t get a full 5.0 because you must assemble it yourself. 

Best Customer Support for a Kids’ Bike    

2. REI Co-Op Op REV 16

REIΓCOs customer service is great 4
REI’s customer service is great! REI

Our Rating




PositioningUpright with padded BMX style bars 
FrameLightweight aluminum frame with steel fork
BrakesCoaster style 
ErgonomicsLow standover height 
Safety featuresChang guard 
Training wheelsEasily removable 


  • Excellent REI customer service 
  • REI will assemble and tune up the bike for you
  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to ride


  • You’ll need to be close enough to an REI to get it to put together and tuned up
  • It only has coaster brakes, no hand brakes

If setting up bikes is not your thing, you’ll want to look at the REI CoOp REV 16. The best thing about purchasing a bike from REI is that they will build it for you and offer a year’s worth of tuneups and adjustments. This is an invaluable service, especially if your little cyclist is tough on their equipment!

Aside from that, the REV16 has a lot going for it. It’s available in red and blue. It has a nice low standover height for smaller riders and easily removable training wheels. The rider and cargo limit is just 80 pounds, which isn’t a problem for a typical 4 to 5-year-old. Extra tall or heavy riders may need to look into a bigger bike. 

The Aluminum frame is lightweight, but the steel fork makes it a little extra sturdy. This bike has a BMX-style, upright handlebar with a padded crossbar. 

Take special notice here that the bike does not have handbrakes. If you are concerned about your child’s braking ability, this bike with coaster brakes might be a better choice. Then, to stop the bike, they only have to pedal backward.

I’ll admit, I love stickers, and this bike comes with a whole pack so your child can decorate it to their heart’s content. But, more importantly, it’s safe, durable, and backed by REI. It isn’t a fancy bike, but it will give your child hours of outdoor entertainment at a very affordable price. 


Size and Weight of the Bike 4.5/5
Frame Style and Ergonomics5/5
Ease of Assembly5/5
Safety Features5/5 


An REI bike is the way to go if you aren’t mechanically inclined. You can always return the bike for service, and they will happily assemble it for you. It isn’t a fancy or innovative bike – it is just great quality, durable, safe, and a great all-over price, so it comes in at 4.75/5.

Best 4-Year Old Bike 

3. Precaliber 16

The Precaliber 16 is as cool as it looks5
The Precaliber 16 is as cool as it looks! Trek

Our Rating




PositioningUpright with high rise handlebars 
FrameLightweight aluminum frame with sturdy steel fork
BrakesRear coaster 
ErgonomicsLow top tube, with single speed gear with 26t chainring and 18t cog
Safety featuresChain guard
Training wheelsEasily removable


  • Can be built and delivered by your local Trek store
  • Great gearing for speed 


  • Built for smaller four and five-year-olds 
  • Coaster brakes only

If you’re a bike enthusiast, recreational rider, or racer, you’ve undoubtedly heard about and maybe even ridden a Trek bike. Ridden by pro cyclists, Trek-Segafredo—Trek bikes are known for their quality components, speed, and style. If this sounds like you, then consider the Precaliber 16. It’s everything you love about Trek in the size of a kids’ bike.

Just a word of caution, though, there is a wide variety of sizing in kids ages 4 and 5. These bikes are designed for kids 39 to 46 inches tall, just a tiny bit smaller than other bikes on this list. So if your child is on the smaller size, this might be the right bike for them. 

The Precaliber has a BMX-style frame with upright bars, positioning for safety and comfort, and a low-top tube to mount the bike easily. In addition, it features comfortable hand grips and rear coaster brakes. Oh, and your little cyclist will love the gearing on this bike – it’s made for some speed! 

I love the secret handle built into the bike seat, making it easier for you to help your child learn to ride. But if you don’t need it, you can attach a light right to the seat instead. The training wheels are easy to remove, too. 

But here’s another great feature of purchasing a kid’s bike from a bike shop – they’ll build it for you! No, fussing around with tools and wrenches. Trek has got you covered. And for an extra $50, you can have it delivered right to your door. 

Available in black and orange, this bike looks as cool as it rides and comes at a great price, even with delivery options. 


Size and Weight of the Bike 4/5
Frame Style and Ergonomics5/5
Ease of Assembly5/5
Safety Features5/5 


I’ll admit, I’m a little partial to bike shops. And I love that Trek will assemble this bike for you and even deliver it. It’s a safe and sturdy bike made by a trusted bike brand, which says a lot. And your child will love it even more if someone they know rides a Trek already. 

I give it a 4.6 out of 5. I would love to see some hand brakes on the bike to make it a little more well-rounded. 

Best Overall Beginner Mountain Bike

4. Scott Roxter 16

Get ready to shred6
Get ready to shred! Scott Bikes

Our Rating




PositioningUpright with flat bars
FrameLightweight aluminum frame with rigid fork
BrakesRear coaster and front V brake
ErgonomicsLow top tube, with adjustable seat and bars
Safety featuresChain guard
Training wheelsNone


  • Great introduction to mountain biking 
  • Two types of brakes


  • Built for larger four and five-year-olds 
  • No suspension
  • A little on the pricey side

Not every 4 or 5-year-old is ready to shred, but some are! If your little cyclist has a sense of adventure or loves riding the trails with you, the Scott Roxter is a great place to start. 

The aluminum frame is lightweight and has a low entry point and standover height. In addition, it features an adjustable seat height so that the bike can grow with your child. 

I love the bold green color and the flat bars, giving the bike a real mountain bike appearance. Nice wide, grippy tires mean you can take it on a trail suitable to your cyclist’s skill level. 

Mountain biking calls for extra braking power; with the Roxter, you get a coaster brake and a front V brake. So you’ll get plenty of stopping power. Your child can even use both brakes to stop in a rush. 

A chain guard covers the gears so you won’t have pinched fingers. A sturdy chain connects the 26t front chainring with an 18t cog. This is a nice balanced gear with enough speed for racing without struggling up hills. 

Remember that mountain bikes must be slightly smaller than road bikes if you’re considering this bike. So you’ll want your child to test the bike to ensure it fits comfortably. 

Although this is a mountain bike, it does not have a suspension. Younger riders probably won’t be in a situation where they need it anyway, which means less bike maintenance. 


Size and Weight of the Bike 4/5
Frame Style and Ergonomics5/5
Ease of Assembly4/5
Safety Features  5/5


I give this bike a 4.6/5. It’s a great bike for introducing your child to mountain biking, and the adjustable seat means they can use it as they grow. But it might only work for larger 4 or 5-year-olds. You’ll have them test it to ensure they are comfortable on the bike. If it fits, get ready to shred!  This is a great precursor to a dirt bike, too. 

You can get an idea of how this bike rolls by watching this video about the Scott Roxter 20 – it’s the same bike, just slightly larger. 

Best Beginner Mountain Bike for Smaller Riders 

5. RALEIGH Bikes Rowdy 16/20/24 Kids Bike for Boys and Girls

Small riders can shred too 7
Small riders can shred, too. Amazon

Our Rating




PositioningUpright with flat bars
FrameLightweight aluminum frame
BrakesV Brakes
ErgonomicsLow top tube
Safety featuresNo Chain guard
Training wheelsNone


  • Great introduction to mountain biking for smaller 4 and 5-year-olds 
  • It has wide handlebars with hand brakes 
  • Great value


  • No suspension
  • No chain guard

Mountain biking is becoming increasingly popular, and finding an affordable kids’ mountain bike can be hard, especially for smaller riders. But Raleigh has closed this gap with a lightweight kids’ mountain bike suitable for kids 38 to 45 inches tall. 

There are three things I love about this bike. One is the wide handlebars that will give your child lots of steering control and prevent them from oversteering. The wide bars will help them get around obstacles without crashing. 

I also love the hand brakes, which give more finetuned braking control. However, you’ll have to teach them to brake safely – it just takes a little more practice than simple coaster brakes. 

Third, this bike comes with nice 2.1-inch wide tires. Wide tires offer more comfort and grip on rough road surfaces and trails, so if you go off-roading, this bike is great. 

So this bike has a lot going for it, but there are two small concerns here. The first is that there is no chain guard, so make sure your child is ready for a bike that doesn’t have one. They must keep their fingers, feet, clothing, and other items and body parts away from the chain. 

Second, this bike has been mislabeled as ‘full suspension.’ It has no suspension system, which is fine for a child’s beginner mountain bike, just don’t be confused by the labeling. 

Overall, I really like this bike for the price. And it will do the job nicely if you want a well-rounded children’s bike that can do laps around the neighborhood or shred the beginner trails. Of course, you’ll need to assemble the bike somewhat, but you also get easy delivery from Amazon. 


Size and Weight of the Bike 5/5
Frame Style and Ergonomics4/5
Ease of Assembly4/5
Safety Features4/5 


This is a great little mountain bike for smaller beginners. It’s a nice balance of value, size and weight, frame style, and ergonomics, so I give it a 4.3 out of 5. 

My only genuine concern for the Raleigh bike is that it is labeled as a full-suspension bike, which it is not. There’s nothing wrong with a non-suspension bike, especially for younger riders. Just don’t let that label confuse you about it. The other concern is the lack of a chain guard, so help your child watch out for fingers, feet, and loose clothing. 

How to Choose a Bike for 4 to 5-Year-Olds 

You could easily pick up a cheap kids’ bike at a yard sale or big box store. But for a similar price, you can purchase a bicycle designed with your child’s ability, size, and safety in mind. Let’s talk about the characteristics that make a great children’s bike. 

Size and Weight 

First, the bike needs to be the right size. In this article, I’m talking about 16-inch bikes. A 4 to 5-year-old child would be the right size for a 16-inch bike. But there are some variations. For example, you might have a particularly tall 5-year-old or a particularly small 4-year-old, meaning there is a wide range of heights to look at. 

On the smaller end, the bikes on this list fit 38 inches, and on the taller end, up to 49 inches. You’ll want to keep size in mind to ensure you get a good-fitting bike that you can store easily when it isn’t ridden. 

Also, remember the rider’s weight, as you don’t want to overtax the bike. 

Color coded brakes help kids learn to brake with ease 8
Color-coded brakes help kids learn to brake with ease. Woom


The frames on this list are aluminum, which is sturdy and lightweight. All of the bikes are under 20 pounds. You’ll want to look for a frame with a low-top tube so they can get on and off easily and an upright frame to see around them, too. 


There are two types of brakes on this list. First, there are coaster brakes, which you employ simply by pedaling backward. These are the easiest to use and good for kids who don’t have a lot of hand strength or dexterity. 

On the other hand, hand brakes may take a little extra finesse, but they have excellent stopping power. 

Ease of Assembly 

If you aren’t mechanically inclined, you may need a bike that is easy to assemble. Some bikes come assembled for you! 

Safety and Ergonomics. For me, this is one of the most important considerations. Look for safety features that will prevent your child from oversteering. You’ll also want to look for a chain guard to keep your child safe from the bike chain. 

A good child’s bike will be created for their body shape, slightly different from an adult’s. The pedal cranks will be shorter, and the pedals will be closer together, making it easier for them to pedal. 


A sturdy bike that can be passed on to another child is a great idea! Look for steel forks for extra durability. 


Of course, price is a factor in a children’s bike. These bikes are all under $600, so they won’t break the bank. Although you want to give your child a safe, easy-to-ride bike, you also don’t want to spend too much money on a bike your child will quickly outgrow. All these bikes fit that list. 

Fun safe and ergonomic WhatΓCOs not to love9
Fun, safe, and ergonomic. What’s not to love? Woom

Final Thoughts on Best 16-inch Bikes 

Honestly, my favorite bike on this list is the Woom 3. Woom has put much thought and consideration into what smaller kids need in a bike. It has a great ergonomic design, safety features, and fun riding. It is easy to assemble, has the necessary tools, and offers great prices. This makes for a perfect starter bike. 

If your child still isn’t ready for a bike, don’t worry. You might want to try a scooter or a strider bike instead. But if your child is ready to roll, look at the Woom 3 for a great value, safe and fun bike. And if you aren’t sure if a 16-inch bike is the right size, you can look at this sizing guide from Woom bikes. They have plenty of bike options for kids of all sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the bike is the right size for my child? 

Use the Woom bikes sizing guide to get a better idea of what size bike your child needs. But remember that most 16-inch bikes are made for average-height 4 and 5-year-olds.

Should I get my child a mountain bike? 

If your child likes riding off-road, in the grass, on dirt roads, or on trails, then a mountain bike is a good choice with its wider handlebars and wheels. 

What if my child doesn’t know how to ride yet? 

If your child hasn’t learned to ride, ensure they have a bike with training wheels. You can always remove the training wheels when they no longer need them. 

Can I get the bike put together by a bike shop? 

Yes. Most bike shops will work on kids’ bikes for a small fee. 

Should I choose a coaster or hand brakes? 

If your child doesn’t have good hand-eye control or dexterity, you might want to stick with coaster brakes for now. However, hand brakes may be the better choice if they have good hand control and can understand how to brake. 

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