Best 24-inch Mountain Bikes: Top 6 Bikes for Off-Road Adventure (2023)

(Last updated on February 14th, 2023)

If you love going out into nature and enjoy exercise, then mountain biking is a sport you could become very fond of. It’s an amazing way to stay in shape and to enjoy the outdoors. There’s nothing like ripping down trails with friends and going on adventures with unlimited routing options.

One thing that can be quite challenging for many people who enjoy cycling is getting the right bike. They come in all different shapes and sizes, hugely range in price, and are made for different disciplines and people.

We are often asked about 24” mountain bikes and where to find the best bikes. This article will tell you about some incredible bikes, how to pick the right one, and also answer some of your frequently asked questions.

Bike rider coming down a jump 5
Bike rider coming down a jump . Photo Credit: Unsplash

Why Might You Want a 24” Bike?

There are a few reasons why you might want a 24” bike. The first being if you are getting a bike for a child. Typically, they recommend that children who are 7-11 should ride a 24” bike before upgrading to a 26” bike when they are much taller.

You don’t have to be a child to ride a 24” bike. If you are of the height of 4 ft 5” to 4 ft 9”, some experts recommend that you should ride a 24” bike instead of a larger size such as 26” or 27.5”. You even find some unique bikes like BMX’s that will use 24” wheels even if you are an adult riding it.

For more information on wheel sizes check out this video

Mountain biker on a trail 2
Mountain biker on a trail . Photo Credit: Unsplash

What Do We Look for When It Comes to Picking the Best 24” Mountain Bikes?

Finding the best 24” mountain bikes isn’t easy. There are so many on the market, and they hugely range when it comes to quality and price. Here’s what we look for when searching for that perfect 24” bike for you.


We want bikes that are good quality. Typically in 24” bikes, there are many great bikes and some awful ones too. We look for bikes from reputable brands and bikes that are equipped with excellent components. A good bike with good parts will last years and make the cycling experience excellent.


A well designed bike will be comfortable to ride, easy to control, and also is going to look awesome. A well designed bike will be very adaptable, so it has the ability to be adjusted as the user grows.

Fit for Purpose

When looking at mountain bikes, it’s important to know that the bike is fit for purpose. Is it going to work on a trail? Does it have enough suspension for going over rocks? Will it offer the rider the necessary control to ensure they don’t fall off? We want to know if the 24” mountain bikes we’re looking at will perform as a good mountain bike should.


If you’re going to invest in a bike, you are going to want to know it can perform. All the bikes on our list have to be able to handle a tough trail and give the best control we can get from a bike. Mountain biking is about skill, and we need bikes that can perform properly no matter how challenging the path ahead is.

Value for Money

When it comes to buying bikes, we want to know we’re getting good value for money. We want 24” mountain bikes that are not overpriced. We want to know we are spending our money wisely.

Mountain biker doing a jump 1
Mountain biker doing a jump. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Best 24″ Mountain Bikes at a Glance

Rocky Mountain Growler JrAluminumSuntour XCM 30MircoShift 8Disc Hydraulic$7459/10
Mondraker Factor 24”AluminumX Fusion Dual SuspensionSRAM SX Eagle 12Disc Hydraulic$217510/10
Co op Cycles REV DRT 24AluminumSuntour XCTShimano Tourney 8Disc Hydraulic$5308/10
Commencal Meta HT 24AluminumManitou Machete SRAM NX  11Disc Hydraulic$10509/10
Nukeproof Cub ScoutAluminumManitou Machete Shimano Deore 10Disc Hydraulic$7209/10
Diamondback Line 24AluminumSuntour XCTSRAM X4 8DiscMech$4808/10

Best All Rounder

1. Rocky Mountain Growler Jr

Rocky Mountain Growler JR 5
Rocky Mountain Growler JR. Photo Credit: Jenson USA

Our Rating




Frame: 6061 Aluminum
Suspension: Suntour XCM 80mm
Groupset: MicroShift 8 speed
Brakes: Clarks Hydraulic Disc
Wheels and Tires: 24” with 2.6” tires
Intended Use: Trail and XC
Weight: Unknown


  • Lightweight
  • Looks great
  • Suntour Suspension
  • Tubeless-ready wheels
  • MicroShift 8-speed groupset
  • Hydraulic disc brakes


  • Not the lightest
  • Limited size range of 4ft 3” to 4ft 7.”

Rocky Mountain is known for making excellent mountain bikes. They have a huge range of adult bikes, and it’s not rare to see them at your local bike park. When it comes to 24” bikes, they also make an excellent quality bike, and it shows with the Growler Jr.

The first thing to mention is this is a proper performance mountain bike. It has a lightweight aluminum 6061 frame, and it’s paired up with some Suntour XCM forks giving the bike 80mm of suspension travel on the front. The bike is designed for comfort and speed and would make a great bike for long days out or even racing.

It comes with a MicroShift 1X8 speed groupset which offers a wide range of gears. Paired up with these gears are Clarks hydraulic disc brakes. These are incredibly powerful and will stop the bike quickly. The wheels are 24” Rocky Mountain JR30 wheels. They come tubeless ready and run large 2.6” off-road tires.

The Rocky Mountain Growler Jr is a great bike. It offers excellent components and the quality of an adult bike. The size range is limited, but overall we struggle to fault it at all, especially for the price.

Best Performance

2. Mondraker Factor 24

Mondraker Factor 24 mountain bike 2
Mondraker Factor 24 mountain bike. Photo credit: Jenson USA

Our Rating




Frame: Hydroformed Aluminum
Suspension: X Fusion front and rear 100mm
Groupset: SRAM SX Eagle 12 speed
Brakes: SRAM Level Hydraulic
Wheels and Tires: 24” with 2.4” tires
Intended Use: Trail and XC
Weight: 11.1kg


  • Looks Epic
  • Very lightweight
  • Dual Suspension
  • SRAM SX Eagle Groupset
  • Tubeless-ready wheelset
  • SRAM Hydraulic disc brakes


  • Price
  • Services will be expensive

If you’re looking for a 24” bike with serious performance, then the Mondraker Factor 24” is the bike for you. It’s well equipped with some excellent components and is perfect for racing at a junior-high level.

The frame is hydroformed aluminum and doesn’t just have suspension forks but also a rear shock. It’s very rare to have dual suspension bikes with 24” wheels. The suspension is made by X Fusion, and you get the Velvet RL and 02PRO R with 100mm travel front and rear. Perfect for XC and trail riding.

Regarding gearing, you have the SRAM Eagle SX 12-speed groupset. It offers a vast range and has a monster 50 tooth cassette on the rear. On the Factor 24, you also get SRAM Level hydraulic disc brakes. These are very powerful and incredibly reliable.

The wheelset is an MDK-XP1 24″ tubeless ready set that is light, strong, and will roll very quickly. They come with Kenda tires, which are 2.4” in size and will give you excellent grip on loose terrain.

To see the Mondraker Factor 24 close up check out this video

The Mondraker Factor 24 is a 24” mountain bike which offers incredible performance. It is expensive, but it is going to win races with ease

Best Value for Money

3. Co op Cycles REV DRT 24

Co op REV DRT 24 kids mountain bike 2
Co op REV DRT 24 kids mountain bike. Photo credit: Rei

Our Rating




Frame: 6061 Aluminum
Suspension: Suntour XCT 80mm
Groupset: Shimano Tourney Revo 8
Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Wheels and Tires: 24” with 2.6” tires
Intended Use: XC
Weight: 14kg


  • Price is great
  • Excellent all-rounder
  • Suntour XCT Forks
  • Shimano Gearing
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes


  • It looks a bit plain
  • Good but basic gearing

When it comes to value for money, you will need help to beat Co op Cycles. They make a great product at an excellent price, and their bikes are built to last. The REV DRT 24 is an excellent bike that is going to be excellent on a trail but without completely breaking the bank.

The first thing to mention is the 6061 aluminum frame. It’s built for comfort and is going to be excellent on long days out cycling. That doesn’t mean it won’t be able to tackle a trail well. It definitely will be ok on rough, muddy terrain. It comes with Suntour XCT suspension forks giving 80mm travel, and is well known as one of the most reliable forks on the market.

The gearing comes from Shimano. It’s the Tourney Revo 8. It offers 8 speeds with a good range of climbing and descending gears. Compared to the bikes above, it is much more basic but will be enough for mixed riding. You have hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro for great stopping power and reliability.

The wheels are 24” with 36 spokes on each rim, making these incredibly strong. They are paired with 2.6” large off-road tires that make this bike comfortable to ride on a tough trail.

The Co-op cycles REV DRT 24 is a great bike. It has basic components, yes, but they work great, and the bike will do everything you need it to. We highly recommend it for such a low price.

Best Handling

4. Commencal Meta 24

Commencal Meta Hardtail Mountain Bike 2
Commencal Meta Hardtail Mountain Bike. Photo Credit: Chain Reaction Cycles

Our Rating




Frame: 6061 Aluminum
Suspension: Manitou 120mm
Groupset: SRAM NX 11 speed
Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Wheels and Tires: 24” with 2.4” tires
Intended Use: Trail
Weight: 12.1kg


  • Looks Great
  • 120mm Suspension
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Lightweight Wheels
  • Maxxis Tires


  • Not the cheapest
  • Looks quite basic

The Commencal Meta 24 is a bike that is ready to tackle some serious trails. It may look like just your normal hardtail mountain bike but don’t be fooled, this bike is equipped and ready to go.

The frame is a lightweight 6061 aluminum, and it’s designed to give the rider maximum control of the bike with large handlebars and a tall top tube. It has Manitou Machete Junit Pro forks with a huge 120mm travel. It doesn’t sound like much, but on a 24” wheel bike, 120mm is a lot of travel.

The gearing comes from SRAM. It is the 11-speed NX and offers a wide range of gearing, which will easily get you up steep hills and help you descend quickly. Paired up with the SRAM groupset, you have SRAM Level brakes which are hydraulic disc brakes with excellent power.

The wheels are Alexrims with Formula hubs, and they have a low spoke count of 28. This will make them light and fast, and the Maxxis 2.4” tires make the bike not just handle well but also fast. What’s also incredible is this bike comes with a dropper post, so you can drop the seat down to descend better.

The Commencal Meta 24 is a very equipped bike. Excellent suspension, gearing, and even a dropper post. It’s going to have amazing handling and be a lot of fun to ride.

Best Looking

5. Nukeproof Cub Scout 24

Nukeproof Cub Scout mountain bike 24 2
Nukeproof Cub Scout mountain bike 24. Photo credit: Chain reaction cycles

Our Rating




Frame: 6061 Aluminum
Suspension: Manitou 100mm
Groupset: Shimano 10 speed
Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Wheels and Tires: 24” with 2.4” tires
Intended Use: Trail and XC
Weight: 11.7kg


  • It looks great and has very bold color
  • Great design
  • Manitou Fork is excellent
  • Lightweight
  • Good Wheelset and Tires


  • Color isn’t for everyone
  • Deore is great but a few years old model wise

Inspired by the legendary Nukeproof Scout, the Cub Scout has been designed to be its little brother for junior riders. Nukeproof has put a lot of thought into this bike, and we really like it.

It has an aluminum frame that comes in a bright yellow and stands out in the crowd. The geometry is great for comfort, but it will also go down a trail quickly if required. It paired up with a Manitou Machete fork, but this is the 100mm version, perfect for XC and some trails.

The gearing is Shimano Deore and offers 10 speeds with a great range of gears. We really like the Deore 10 speed because it works great, is cheap to maintain, and is very reliable. It is a few seasons old, but that heavily brings the price down. The brakes are Clarkes Clout kids hydraulic brakes with smaller levers which we thought was cool.

The wheels are Nukeproof’s own Neutron hubs with WTB rims, an excellent combination. They are paired with Maxxis 2.4” tires and are tubeless-ready to go. Coming in at only 11.7kg is a very light bike and is going to be a great all rounder on a trail.

The Nukeproof Cub Scout is an excellent example of a company taking a successful product and adapting the design for junior riders. It’s very bold to look at, but it’s well equipped and will be a lot of fun on a trail.

Best Budget

6. Diamondback Line 24

Diamondback Line 24 Mountain Bike 2
Diamondback Line 24 Mountain Bike. Photo Credit: Rei

Our Rating




Frame: 6061 Aluminum
Suspension: Suntour XCT 80mm
Groupset: SRAM 8 speed
Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brakes
Wheels and Tires: 24” with 2.25” tires
Weight: Unknown


  • Price is great
  • Suntour Fork
  • SRAM Gearing
  • Smaller Tires


  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Won’t be the lightest of bikes

Diamondback has been making mountain bikes for decades and is a big name when it comes to cycling. The Line is a popular model that comes in many different sizes, including 24”. It’s not rare to see people riding a Diamondback Line as they are incredibly popular because they are cheap to buy.

The frame is made of aluminum and comes paired with Suntour XCT forks giving 80mm of travel. The Line is perfect for XC riding and great as a general do it all bike. It is going to be very comfortable to ride and comes in a dark green with yellow detailing.

It has SRAM 8-speed gearing, which is basic but offers a decent range, and when servicing comes around, the parts are incredibly cheap to buy. The brakes are disc brakes but mechanical, meaning they work on cables, not hydraulic fluid. They will still stop you but are tougher on the hands.

The wheels are Diamondback’s own. They are double-butted aluminum and very strong. The Line comes with small tires of 2.25”, which is plenty enough and will make light terrain fast and easy work.

For more information on the Diamondback line 24 check out this video

The Diamondback Line is not the lightest, the best equipped, or even the best looking, but it is incredible value for money and very cheap to maintain. For that, it gets highly recommended by us

Kid riding a mountain bike 1
Kid riding a mountain bike . Photo Credit: Unsplash

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24” Mountain Bikes Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have seen our best recommendations, how do you choose the right bike for you? In this next section, we’ll tell you what you need to think about before picking that bike.

What’s the Budget?

We recommend thinking about a budget before picking the bike for you. When it comes to cycling, you get what you pay for, and we recommend considering the bike as an investment, not just going for the cheapest. If you spend more, the bike will last longer, perform better, and sell for more when you’re done with it.

Will it Fit You?

It’s important to understand just because a bike has 24” wheels doesn’t always mean it will fit you. We recommend looking at the height range of the bike before clicking buy it now to ensure it is going to work for you.

Will It Do What You Need It To?

It’s important when buying a mountain bike to understand its capabilities. For example, if you want to be on light trails and race cross country, hardtail XC bikes with 100mm of suspension travel will be great.

If you want to be on challenging trails and take on very rough terrain, a full suspension bike with 120mm+ travel will suit you much more. It’s important to ensure the bike you buy is capable of the riding you want to do.

Maintenance and Repairs

Mountain bikes have a very challenging job, and it is not rare for you to drop the bike or come off a trail. Although bikes are made very resilient, they do break and require servicing. Typically the cheaper the bike to buy, the less it costs to service. Spending a lot on a top-end bike might seem like a good idea, but it will cost more to maintain in the long run.

Kids mountain bike┬a
Kids mountain bike . Photo credit: unsplash


Mountain biking is a lot of fun, but finding the right bike for you can be challenging. We hope you enjoyed our guide and found the perfect 24” mountain bike for you and have ordered it ready to hit the trails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is a 24” mountain bike for?

Typically a 24” mountain bike is to suit a child from 7-11, but they also make 24” bikes for adults who are shorter.

What height is a 24” Mountain Bike for?

It depends on the brand of bike as they do differ. You can expect it to normally be around 4ft 4” to roughly 4ft 9”.

What’s the difference between a 24” and 26” bike?

Generally, this refers to the wheel size. A 24” bike is designed for shorter people or children, and a 26” bike is for adults.

How much weight can a 24” bike hold?

Typically 24” bikes are made for children or shorter people. This means they don’t need as high a weight limit as a bike for a person who is 6ft and above. You can expect it to be about 250 lbs.

How do you know when a 24” bike is too small?

You will know when a 24” bike is too small because the seat won’t go high enough, or it will generally just become a bit uncomfortable.

Cycling touring
Cycling touring. Photo Credit: Unsplash

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