Best Folding Electric Bike: Buyer’s Guide For 2023

(Last updated on April 20th, 2023)

A folding electric bike can transform your daily commute into one of the best parts of the day. Use pedal assist to arrive at work or school sweat-free and fold down the e-bike that’ll fit into tight spots. Making a foldable electric bike is a difficult bicycle design, but the best models perfectly complement urban routines and an on-the-go lifestyle.

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Tern HSD P9 electric folding cargo bike carrying gear in front of city skyline. REI

I’ve compiled a list of the best folding electric bikes for sale in this article. So, find the perfect bike that fits your riding needs and specific budget.

How I Picked the Best Folding Ebikes

Foldable e-bikes are a niche category within the ever-expanding world of e-bikes, but there are still plenty of models to choose from. I considered numerous models and made my final selection according to user reviews, manufacturer specs, and expert opinions. I gave each finalist foldable e-bike an overall rating and score based on the following criteria:


Foldable bikes must be easy and quick to collapse into a small enough profile to fit in a car trunk or office corner apartment space.

Ride feel

The best foldable bikes also feel great on the road. Larger-diameter wheels, a reliable motor, and hydraulic disc brakes are high on the wishlist.


Foldable bikes are helpful for people who are often on the go. Saving money and being cost-effective is a big priority to ensure the bike is worth the investment.

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Compare the Best Folding Electric Bike at a Glance

Aventon SinchBest Overall Electric Folding Bike500W rear hub motor14Ah68 lbs9.5/10$1,499
Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5Most Versatile Foldable Ebike750W rear hub motor672Wh62.5 lbs9/10$1,549
Tern HSD P9 Electric BikeBest High-End Folding Electric BikeBosch Active Line Plus, 250W400Wh56 lbs 8 oz.8.5/10$3,699
Aventon AboundMost Affordable Cargo Foldable Ebike750W rear hub motor15Ah81 lbs8/10$2,199
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5Most Affordable Foldable Ebike250W rear hub motor280Wh37 lbs7/10$479

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Folding Electric Bike

Best Overall Electric Folding Bike

1. Aventon Sinch Folding Electric Bike

image2 1
Aventon Sinch folding electric bike red frame tan sidewall tires. Aventon

Our Rating




Frame6061 single-butted aluminum alloy
Motor500W rear hub motor, up to 20 mph
Battery14Ah lithium-ion battery, up to 40 miles
Weight68 lbs.


  • Sleek profile and cool tan sidewall fat tires
  • Powerful 500W rear hub motor with pedal assist and throttle modes
  • Color display and compatibility with Aventon mobile app


  • Mechanical disc brakes instead of more powerful hydraulic brakes
  • Relatively heavy 68 lbs. weight

The Aventon Sinch takes the cake as one of the best-designed folding electric bikes available. To my eye, its compact yet sleek silhouette and tan sidewall fat tires enhance the bike’s aesthetic, setting it apart in an otherwise crowded marketplace. Under the surface, the Sinch boasts similar power and battery specs to other competing models and comes in at a solid $1,499 price point (with a current $100-off sale).

The Sinch— aptly named for its compact and foldable profile— is available with standard or step-thru geometry. I like the look of the step-thru version better, and there’s the added benefit of it being easier to mount and dismount, especially for riders with limited mobility. The front suspension fork provides 45mm of travel to smooth out bumpy roads and float over city potholes.

A key function of the Sinch is its ability to collapse to fit easily in car trunks, apartments, or office corners. It utilizes the traditional foldable design with a hinge and handlebars in the middle of the frame. The 20×4” wheels are large enough to roll fast while still being small enough to fold down small— there’s a useful kickstand beneath the pedal to prop up the bike when folded. The lack of hydraulic disc brakes and weight of nearly 70 lbs. causes the Sinch to miss out on full marks.

Curious cyclists may learn more about adjusting bike brakes and bicycle handlebars

A 500W rear hub motor peaks at 750 watts and has a top speed of 20 mph. Riders can toggle between five levels of pedal assist and a thumb-actuated throttle mode. The battery has a capacity of 14Ah which isn’t the highest in the industry but offers a decent range given the compact size of the bike. The battery is neatly hidden inside the downtube and hooks up to a color display that can link to the Aventon mobile app, a major plus.


Design 5/5
Ride feel4/5
Value 5/5


Competitively priced foldable e-bike with an attractive aesthetic and quality specs.

 Most Versatile Foldable Ebike

2. Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5 Folding Ebike

image1 2
RadExpand 5 folding electric fat tire bike black. Rad Power Bikes

Our Rating




Frame6061 aluminum alloy
Motor750W rear hub motor
Battery672 Wh, 25-45 miles range
TiresCST BFT 20″ x 4.0″
Weight62.5 lbs.


  • Powerful 750W rear hub motor
  • Integrated accessories including rear rack, fenders, and built-in lights
  • Reliable componentry and great Rad Power Bikes customer service


  • Externally-mounted battery isn’t the most aesthetic choice
  • Mechanical disc brakes instead of hydraulic disc brakes

Rad Power Bikes is one of the biggest players in the e-bike space, and their foldable electric bike doesn’t disappoint. The RadExpand 5 comes fully loaded with all-terrain fat tires, a rear rack, fenders, and integrated lights so you can ride this bike just about anywhere. In the city, space is at a premium, and this bike’s foldability allows riders to transport or store the versatile two-wheeler easily.

The RadExpand 5 is only available with a step-thru frame design, and I think that’s the right choice. The black and white color scheme and additional features give this bike more of a rugged appearance in contrast to the Aventon Sinch’s bolder paint job and sleeker profile. This model folds in a similar way and is a bit lighter. However, the mechanical disc brakes and less sleek silhouette drop my overall rating slightly.

This foldable e-bike wins out with its impressively powerful 750W rear hub motor. That’s 50% more powerful than the Aventon Sinch, so you can easily make it up hills and reduce motor strain on steep gradients. The RadExpand 5 has four-pedal assist levels instead of five and includes a twist throttle for on-demand speed.

One of the most noticeable elements of the e-bike is the externally-mounted battery underneath the seat. It’s a smart and out-of-the-way placement of the 672Wh battery pack, but I, like many other e-bike riders, favor integrated batteries hidden inside the downtube. It’s a matter of personal preference, though, and many users won’t be bothered by the external battery— the added benefit is that it’s easier to remove for charging off the bike. 

The RadExpand 5 comes ready for almost any type of riding, from city errands to off-road exploring. While accessories can always be added later to any bike, this comprehensive package has a useful rear rack, fenders, and lights to hop on and ride simply.


Ride feel4/5


Versatile fat tire e-bike that folds down small and comes with a powerful motor.

Best High-End Folding Electric Bike

3. Tern HSD P9 Electric Bike

Tern HSD P9 Electric Bike with extended rear rack and mid-drive motor. REI

Our Rating




Frame6061 aluminum step-thru
MotorBosch Active Line Plus, 250W, up to 20 mph
Battery400Wh lithium-ion
TiresSchwalbe Big Apple 20 x 2.2 in.
Weight56 lbs. 8 oz.


  • High-end Bosch Active Line Plus 250W motor
  • Relatively lightweight and innovative design
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Fast-rolling 2.2” tires


  • Much more expensive than entry-level foldable ebikes
  • Doesn’t fold as small as bikes with a mid-frame hinge

The Tern HSD P9 is the perfect choice for urban riders who carry cargo and require serious performance from their bike. This model is a significant step up from the Aventon Sinch and RadExpand 5 in terms of componentry quality, but those upgrades come with a big jump in price. The Tern P9 costs $3,699, which is competitive compared to other premium foldable e-bikes, but could be beyond the budget of some riders.

The defining characteristics of this city ebike are its foldability and cargo-carrying capacity. A compact cargo bike may seem like an oxymoron, but Tern has achieved a great balance in serving busy urban riders who need to conserve space. The P9 doesn’t fold in the middle of the frame but at the handlebar stem/steerer tube area. The seat tube is designed to be shorter, and the 20” wheels keep the bike’s footprint to a minimum. 

If you’re searching for electric mountain bikes instead of foldable e-bikes, check out our roundup of the best eMTB models on the market.

Perhaps most importantly, the Tern P9 is the only bike with a mid-drive motor on this list. Mid-drive motors are higher quality than rear hub motors and help preserve a bike’s natural center of gravity for better handling. The P9 relies on the Bosch Active Line Plus 250W motor— that wattage may seem low, but its premium quality ensures a reliable and ultra-smooth ride. Pedal assistance tops out at 20 mph, and the range can reach upwards of 60 miles on a single charge.

Other premium foldable e-bikes at REI include the Brompton Electric C Line Explore and Tern Vektron S10

There’s an extended rear rack to carry large items, and the battery is mounted neatly underneath. One big difference is the narrower tires that measure 2.2”. This makes the bike more agile and rolls faster over smooth surfaces, a key advantage on city roads. The P9 weighs a respectable 56 lbs. which is excellent for a motorized cargo bike.


Ride feel5/5


Premium foldable cargo electric bike that’s worth the splurge.

 Most Affordable Cargo Foldable Ebike

4. Aventon Abound Ebike

image5 1
Female cyclist on Aventon Abound foldable cargo electric bike in front of mural. Aventon

Our Rating




Frame6061 aluminum alloy
Motor750W rear hub motor, up to 20 mph
Battery15Ah lithium-ion, up to 50 miles
Weight81 lbs.


  • Dropper seat post for quick collapsibility
  • Excellent value for cargo and foldable functions
  • Integrated frame storage bag
  • Hydraulic disc brakes


  • Rear hub motor instead of higher-quality mid-drive motor
  • Significantly heavy weighing in at 81 lbs.

Cargo-carrying cyclists who are on a tighter budget may fall in love with the Aventon Abound Ebike. Priced nearly $1,500 cheaper than the Tern HSD P9, this model doesn’t come with as premium of components but is an excellent value. The Abound is a creative solution for riders looking to replace car trips or shuttle their kids via e-bike.

An upgrade from the Aventon Sinch, this bike is powered by a 750W rear hub motor with a top speed of 20 mph. There’s no throttle mode, but there are four new pedal assist levels: eco, tour, sport, and turbo. I also appreciate the inclusion of a torque sensor for smoother power delivery. A color LCD display compatible with the Aventon mobile app is at the center of the handlebars.

Regarding safety features, the Aventon Abound Ebike has powerful hydraulic disc brakes that provide excellent stopping power even at high speeds. The bike also features a bright LED headlight and taillight that help riders stay visible and safe while riding at night or in low-light conditions. The taillight also functions as a turn signal to indicate your next move to other motorists and cyclists on the road— cool!

The Abound has an extended rear rack and wide footbeds for carrying cargo or small passengers. Aventon also sells many accessories so riders can customize their setup to their needs— items like front racks, seat pads, baskets, and handrails. 

An extra savvy feature is the integrated storage bag behind the seat post that fits ride essentials. It’s a great use of additional space due to the elongated frame and fits well with the bike’s profile. There’s also a dropper post lever to adjust seat height on the fly and easily collapse that part of the bike during storage. The Aventon Abound Ebike is an excellent entry-level electric bike that offers exceptional performance, comfort, and style at an affordable price.


Ride feel4/5


Well-priced cargo electric bike that’s partially foldable and compatible with many customizable accessories.

Most Affordable Foldable Ebike

5. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5

image7 1
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 electric folding bike blue. Amazon

Our Rating




Motor250W, up to 15 mph
Tires14” wheels
Weight37 lbs.


  • Lightweight compared to many other foldable e-bikes
  • Affordable price point
  • Folds down to compact size with small 14” wheels and two hinges


  • Small-diameter wheels don’t offer best ride quality
  • Lower-end components aren’t as durable
  • Rim brakes instead of stronger disc brakes

The Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 is a compact and versatile e-bike that is perfect for commuters and urban dwellers who are short on space. This bike is designed to be lightweight and easy to fold, making it ideal for those who need to transport their bike on public transit or store it in a small apartment or office. 

The over-the-top model name is a bit cringe for my liking, but I’m willing to see past the “swaggy” branding because of the affordable price point. With that lower price, however, come some cost-saving measures, such as rim brakes and extra small wheels, which remove a few points from my overall rating.

One of the standout features of the Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 is its lightweight aluminum frame, which weighs just 37 pounds. This makes it one of the lightest foldable e-bikes on the market, and it’s easy to carry or maneuver when folded. The bike also features a powerful 250-watt motor that can reach up to 15 miles per hour.

Another great feature of the Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 is its ability to fold to a compact size in just a few seconds. This makes it easy to store in a closet, under a desk, or in the trunk of a car. The bike also has a convenient carrying handle that makes it easy to transport.

Overall, the Swagcycle EB-5 is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a compact and versatile e-bike for commuting or urban riding. Its lightweight frame, powerful motor, and easy folding design make it a top choice for those who want a bike that is both convenient and practical.


Ride feel3/5


Affordable foldable e-bike that collapses down small yet has lower quality parts.

How to Choose the Best Folding E-bike

Choosing the best folding e-bike for you depends on several factors. Here are some things to consider when making your choice:

Folding Mechanism

One of the most important factors is the folding mechanism’s ease of use and durability. Look for a bike that folds and unfolds quickly and easily and has a strong and reliable mechanism that will last over time.

image3 1
RadExpand 5 folding electric bike folded up. Rad Power Bikes


A lighter bike will be easier to carry and store, but a heavier bike may be more stable and comfortable. Give thought to your own strength and the weight capacity of the bike.

Battery Life

Look for a bike with a battery that will last long enough for your needs. Consider the distance you plan to ride and the battery range of the bike, as well as the charging time.

Motor Output

Check the power output of the motor and the level of assistance it provides. Look for a motor that will help you get up hills and travel at a comfortable speed.

Wheel Size

Larger wheels generally provide a smoother ride and better stability, while smaller wheels make the bike more compact and easier to store. Reflect on the terrain you plan to ride on and the level of stability you need.


Ebikes vary greatly, so consider your budget and the needed features. Keep in mind that a higher-priced bike may have better quality components and last longer.

Final Thoughts

Folding electric bikes are a game-changer for urban commuters and adventure enthusiasts. I’ve selected some of the best folding electric bikes on the market that offer excellent ride feel, design, and value for money. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your commute and switch to a folding electric bike to experience the advantages for yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are folding e-bikes worth it?

It depends on your needs and lifestyle. If you have limited storage space, need to take your bike on public transportation or in a car trunk, or want a bike that is easy to carry and store, then a folding e-bike could be a good option.

What are the disadvantages of a folding bike?

Some disadvantages of folding bikes include a potentially less comfortable ride due to their smaller wheels and compact design, limited gear options, and the need for regular maintenance to keep the folding mechanisms in good working order.

How do I choose a folding electric bike?

When choosing a folding electric bike, consider factors such as your budget, the distance you plan to ride, the terrain you will be riding on, and the weight and size of the bike when folded.

How much should I spend on a foldable bike?

The price of a folding bike can vary greatly depending on the brand, quality, and features. You can find budget options starting at around $400 or $500, but higher-end models can cost upwards of $2,000 or more.

Can folding bikes be used for long distances?

Yes, folding bikes can be used for long distances, but they may not be as comfortable or efficient as non-folding bikes due to their smaller wheels and compact design. Choosing a bike with good gearing options and a comfortable saddle is important to make longer rides more enjoyable.

How fast do folding electric bikes go?

The speed of a folding electric bike can vary depending on the model and the motor’s power output. Many folding e-bikes have a top speed of around 15 or 20 mph.

Have more questions about folding electric bikes? Drop us a line below!

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