Best Lightweight Electric Bikes: Top Picks For Easy Riding (2023)

(Last updated on May 9th, 2023)

Electric bikes are the future, and there’s no denying they are becoming more popular every year that goes by. It’s not rare to head out on a cycling club run and see a few of the riders on electric bikes. They have changed cycling by leveling the playing field for all riders.

Not only do I see more electric bikes, but I am seeing much better technology on electric bikes. The bike’s weight has always been an issue for many cyclists, and a common comment has been that the bikes are quite heavy. 

Electric Mountain Bike On Trail1
Electric Mountain Bike On-Trail. Amazon

In the last few years, manufacturers have worked incredibly hard to make electric bikes as light as possible and succeeded. In this article, we’re going to be speaking about:

  • What Do I Look For In The Best Lightweight Electric Bike?
  • The Best Lightweight Electric Bikes
  • Electric Bikes Buyers Guide 
  • Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Lightweight Electric Bike

What to Look for When Picking the Best Lightweight Electric Bike?

Finding the right lightweight electric bike can be really challenging. There’s so much to factor in, and it can get overwhelming quickly. As an expert on electric bikes, here’s what I look for when picking the best. In this article, I want to look at all the different types of electric bikes.

What Brand Is It From?

There are a lot of brands on the market for electric bikes, and new companies are popping up every few weeks. When I look for bikes, I want them from a top brand with a lot of experience and a proven track record of making excellent lightweight electric bikes. 

Is It Fit for the Purpose?

The first and most important thing to consider is if the bike fits its purpose. If it is an electric mountain bike, will it be able to ride a trail well? If it’s an electric road bike, does it have the correct components for road riding? I want to make sure the bike is right for what it’s designed to do.

Electric Mountain Bike In Park2
Electric Mountain Bike In Park. Amazon

Are the Components Good Quality?

Bikes come in all shapes and sizes and are made up of lots of different parts. When I look at electric bikes, I want to ensure all the components are high quality. I have no interest in bikes that have cut corners to maximize profit.

Can it Go Far and Fast?

A big part of an electric bike is the motor and battery. This can make or break a bike, in our opinion. I look for motors that can take you far and give you a decent amount of speed.

Is the Weight Good?

When comes to finding lightweight electric bikes, can be challenging. Bikes come in all different shapes and sizes and are equipped for different kinds of riding, so weight heavily differs. I look at each bike uniquely, but to be classed as lightweight, I look for 60 lbs and below. 

Does it Offer Value for Money?

We all have different budgets in mind when it comes to choosing an electric bike for ourselves. I don’t look for the most expensive bikes. We’re more interested in the best value for money bikes. You can get some amazing electric bikes for less than $1500.

Special Features

Modern electric bikes come with some incredibly special features. When I look for the best lightweight electric bike, I want them packed with special features such as lighting, USB ports, and even suspension. 

Electric Mountain Bike By Bench3
Electric Mountain Bike By Bench. Amazon

Compare the Best Lightweight Electric Bikes at a Glance 

BikeFrameSuspensionMotor BatteryGearingBrakesPriceWeightRating
Orbea Gain M30 Road BikeCarbon FiberNone250w / 248WhShimano 105 2×11Hydraulic Disc$290026.5lbs9/10
Ride1UP Roadster V2AluminumNone350w / 360WhBelt Drive SingleMechanical Disc$110033lbs8.5/10
Co-op Cycles CTY e 1.1AluminumNone250w / 450WhShimano Altus 1×7Hydraulic Disc$129949lbs8/10
Schwinn Mendocino EbikeAluminumNone250w / 288WhUnbranded 1×6Mechanical Disc$140053lbs7/10
Cannondale Moterra Neo 4AluminumDual Front and Rear250w / 630WhSRAM SX 1×12Hydraulic Disc$590057lbs7/10

Lightest Weight

1. Orbea Gain M30 Flat Bar

Orbea Gain M30 4
Orbea Gain M30. Jenson

Our Rating




FrameCarbon Fiber
Range60 Miles
GroupsetShimano 105
BrakesHydraulic Disc
Wheels and Tires700c Wheels with 30c Tires
Intended UseRoad and Gravel


  • Incredibly light at only 26.5lbs
  • Not badly priced at $2900
  • Great for multi-terrain riding with clearance for up to 40c tires
  • Excellent Ebikemotion motor and battery
  • Shimano 105 groupset
  • Hydraulic disc brakes


  • The cost isn’t ideal, although you get a lot for your money
  • Color isn’t for everyone

Now we’re getting to some of the highest-rated bikes on this list, and the Orbea Gain M30 flat bar is a bike we need to speak about. Not only does it come from the legends at Orbea, but it has incredible specifications and looks fantastic. 

It’s a full carbon fiber frame and fork designed for road and gravel riding. It’s incredibly lightweight at only 26.5 lbs and looks like a regular flat bar road bike or a hybrid bike. In a bright orange, it looks incredible too.

With the 250w Ebikemotion motor and 250w, you get a top speed of 20mph and a range of up to 60 miles if riding in eco mode. It is hidden nicely inside the frame, and it’s hard even to tell that it’s an electric bike. 

It comes incredibly kitted for an electric bike. With Shimano 105 road race gearing and Fulcrum racing wheels, this bike can even perform without a motor. It even has powerful hydraulic disc brakes and Schwalbe 30c performance racing tires. 


The Orbea deserved a 9/10 and was very close to a 10/10. It has everything you will ever need in an electric bike and looks fantastic. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s worth every cent you spend.

Best for City Riding

2. Ride1Up V2 Roadster

Roadster V2 5
Roadster V2. Ride1Up

Our Rating




Frame Aluminum
Range20 – 30 Miles
GroupsetBelt Drive SS
BrakesMechanical Disc
Wheels and Tires700c Wheels with 28c Tires
Intended UseRoad


  • The price is excellent at $1100
  • A belt drive is low maintenance 
  • Disc brakes are great
  • Road bike wheels and tires
  • Very lightweight at 33lbs
  • It doesn’t look like an electric bike at all


  • Need the motor for hills
  • Not going to be very good on rough roads
  • Limited range of only 20 miles

If you’re looking for the best value for money electric bikes, you will find many with Ride1Up. They make some excellent bikes that work well and are incredibly cheap. The Roadster V2 is a great example of this, and coming in at only 33 lbs, it is very lightweight. 

The frame is made for road riding, and this bike is perfect for the city. It has a flat bar road bike design and is ideal for navigating roads and being fast in and around traffic. It will offer comfort, and I love that the battery is completely hidden inside the frame. 

It is one of the most powerful bikes on this list, with a 350w motor offering 40nm of torque. It’s very responsive, and although it may only have a 20-mile range, it does offer enough to get around cities and towns and is perfect if you are not interested in riding long distances. 

It only comes with one single gear and uses a belt drive system. This makes the riding much easier as you don’t have gears to worry about, and it’s very low maintenance. The wheels are made for city riding and have small 28c tires making it fast and agile.


The Ride1Up Roadster is a very cool commuting bike, and it just offers so much. The belt drive is quite basic, and the range is short, but there’s nothing else I don’t like. 

Best For Special Features

3. Co-op Cycles E1.1 

Co op Cycles E1 6
Co-op Cycles E1.1. Rei

Our Rating




Range40 Miles
GroupsetShimano Altus 1×7
BrakesHydraulic Disc
Wheels and Tires27.5” Wheels with 1.95” Tires
Intended UseAll Round Riding


  • Looks great in a pirate black color
  • Lots of special features, such as lighting
  • Comfortable riding with mixed ability
  • Good Bafang motor with a strong 40-mile range
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • The price is amazing at $1300


  • The battery sits on the frame, not internally, which doesn’t look amazing
  • Suspension would have added so much to this bike

Co-op cycles make some of the best budget bikes you can get, and they are great value for money and well equipped. The E1.1 is one of our favorite bikes on this list, and I can’t recommend it highly enough as a lightweight electric bike. Coming in at less than 50 lbs is pretty lightweight and very functional. 

It has a lightweight aluminum frame which is designed for all-round riding. It’s going to be excellent as a city commuter and also has the ability to hit gravel and a light trail with ease. It has a very relaxed geometry and can be used by both men and women. 

It has a small 250w motor and a battery capacity of 450Wh. This will give you a maximum speed of 20mph and a range of around 40 miles which I thought was great. It uses a Bafang motor, and they are one of the best brands for electric bike motors. 

This bike is packed with special features. Shimano gearing, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, lighting, an adjustable stem to change the geometry, and flat protection Schwalbe tires on 27.5” wheels. 


I couldn’t give the Co-op Cycles E1.1 anything less than an 8/10. It’s an excellent bike for all round riding and comes with all the accessories you will need. It would have benefited from suspension, and the battery is an eye sore, but it’s an excellent bike. 

Best For Comfort

4. Schwinn Mendocino Hybrid Beach Cruiser

Schwinn Mendocino7
Schwinn Mendocino. Amazon

Our Rating




Range35 – 55 Miles
GroupsetUnbranded 1×6
BrakesMechanical Disc
Wheels and Tires26” Wheels with 2.1” Tires
Intended UseCruising Mixed Terrain


  • The price is excellent at $1400
  • It’s a very comfortable ride
  • Coming in at 53lbs, it’s lightweight for a cruiser like this
  • Good motor and battery
  • Disc brakes stop you quickly
  • The rear rack is ideal for commuting


  • Basic components such as the gearing
  • It might be a little too relaxed for some and doesn’t feel sporty

Next, we have the Schwinn Mendocino. Schwinn is a great brand you can trust. They have been around for a very long time. I couldn’t speak about lightweight electric bikes without mentioning one of them. The Mendocino is a beach cruiser that is surprisingly lightweight for what it is, coming in at 53 lbs.

It has an aluminum frame paired with steel forks, combining lightweight ability and comfort. It has no suspension, but this bike isn’t designed for that. It’s made for beachside cruising and riding on cycle paths in a city or town.

The Mendocino comes with a 250w motor and has the ability to take you between 35 and 50 miles depending on how hard you run it. It has an incredibly quick charge time of 4 hours from nothing to full and a great maximum speed of 20mph.

As far as the components you get on this bike, they are fairly basic. The gearing is a twist shift system giving 6 gears to play with alongside the motor. The wheels are 26,” and you get big slick tires to maximize comfort. Using disc brakes was a big plus for us, and overall I thought although basic, it would work.


The Schwinn Mendocino is an excellent lightweight electric bike when it comes to comfort. It may be basic, but it offers a smooth ride and will be fun cruising. 

Best Off Road

5. Cannondale Moterra Neo

Cannondale Moterra Neo Rei8
Cannondale Moterra Neo. Rei

Our Rating




Range35 – 75 Miles
SuspensionFront and Rear
GroupsetSRAM 1×12
BrakesHydraulic Disc
Wheels and Tires29” with 2.6” tires
Intended UseChallenging Trails


  • Amazing off-road ability with dual suspension
  • Performance components from SRAM
  • Excellent power of 250w and a great range of 75 miles
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes to stop you fast
  • Lightweight at only 57lbs for all this ability


  • Coming in at $5900, it’s expensive
  • If you ride on road, this bike will be very laggy

If you are looking for one of the best lightweight electric bike with a huge amount of off-road capability, then look no further than the Cannondale Moterra Neo. Not only does it look fantastic, but this bike can perform and is the choice of many trail riders. Cannondale is a great brand, and I have come to expect the best from them. 

The Moterra Neo 4 has an incredibly light aluminum frame that houses the motor and the battery. With suspension on the front and rear from RockShox, this bike is incredibly smooth and performs well on the most challenging trails. 

It comes with a 250w motor which is paired with a 630ah battery. You get a top speed of 20mph and a range of up to 75 miles, which is incredible for a mountain bike with 29” wheels and large 2.6” tires. 

It also comes with an excellent SRAM SX 1×12 speed groupset which can help you get up any hill without the motor’s power. As far as brakes go, the TRP 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes give you incredible stopping power and a lot of confidence. 


The Cannondale Moterra Neo 4 is an incredible bike that is going to give a great off-road riding experience. It’s not cheap at $5900, but you get your money’s worth with high-end components and an excellent motor and battery. If not, you can also pick from other great options for the best electric mountain bikes.

Electric Mountain Bike Cruiser 9
Electric Mountain Bike Cruiser. Amazon

Budget Electric Bikes Buyers Guide

When it comes to buying an electric bike, there’s a lot to think about, and it can get complicated with many options. Here are the questions you should ask yourself to ensure you make the right choices. 

Is it Right for the Terrain?

The first thing you should consider is if the bike is correct for the terrain you are riding on. You will need an off-road bike for trails and a road bike for tarmac. Ensure the bike you want will take you on the rides you want. 

Is the Sizing Right?

When you find a bike you like, you must ensure the size fits you. Use the manufacturer’s website to ensure the bike works for you. There’s nothing worse than having an incorrect-size bike you can’t get comfortable on.

What is Your Budget?

When looking for a bike, having a number in mind for your spending is good. It’s easy to go in without a budget and spend too much or too little. Have a budget and get the best you can inside that budget. If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to check out the best electric bikes under $1000 or electric bike costs.

What About Added Costs?

When buying an electric bike, I recommend allowing some money on extra things such as a helmet, cycling clothes, and even gloves. You can greatly improve the cycling experience by having the right kit.

Does it Suit Your Style?

Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes, designed to look good and be functional. You are going to want to get a bike you like the look of and feel proud to ride. If not, you will end up wanting to change it eventually. 

Does it Have the Range You Need?

When it comes to electric bikes, you must ensure they offer the range you might need for a commute. I highly recommend checking before buying. If you don’t need much range you might consider a scooter.

Electric Mountain Bike On Trail10
Electric Mountain Bike On Trail. Amazon


Electric bikes are a lot of fun and have come a long way in recent years. No longer do they weigh as much as a motorbike and look awful. The cycling industry has shaped them to look like normal bikes, which are much lighter than ever. 

I highly recommend electric bikes for anyone looking to get into cycling and experience the outdoors in a way like no other. These best lightweight electric bikes are amazing tools for the job and will get you outside, keep you fit, and help you make many new friends. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Lightest Weight Of An Electric Bike?

Some electric bikes can weigh as little as 11kg. They are incredibly light, but they are not as functional as other bikes you might find. 

What Is A Good Weight For An Electric Bike?

Regarding lightweight electric bikes, I think anything under 50 – 60bs is about right across a mix of the different disciplines. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Lightweight Bikes?

Typically lightweight bikes are much less equipped than heavier bikes. They will have smaller batteries with less range and won’t have features such as suspension. 

Are Ebikes Getting Lighter?

They are getting lighter and lighter each year as technology advances. They are also getting more efficient motors and longer ranges on batteries. Companies like Aventon make great bikes that are light.

Is A Lighter Bike Easier To Pedal?

Lighter bikes mean you have to carry less weight. This can make it easier to pedal. 1 or 2kg won’t make a huge difference, but 10kg would. 

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