Best Mountain Bike Goggles: Top-Rated Picks for All-Terrain Riding (2023)

(Last updated on February 10th, 2023)

Mountain biking is such a thrill, ripping down trails at full gas, flying around tight bends, and pushing yourself on each run to go faster and faster. One thing you do find with mountain biking is that it’s pretty messy, and you will typically wash your riding clothes and gear after every ride, which is expected. One thing that a lot of riders struggle with, especially in poor weather conditions, is getting mud in their eyes.

The solution is simple, a set of mountain biking goggles, and we have a list that comes highly recommended by us. We have been lucky enough to use many excellent goggles in our time and know the difference between a good set and a bad set. In this article, we’re going to be telling you what makes mountain bike goggles special, give you our top picks, and will answer some of your commonly asked questions.

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Mountain biker jumping ramp
Mountain biker jumping ramp. Image Credit Unsplash.

What Makes Mountain Bike Goggles Unique?

Mountain bike goggles are very different from other eyewear you might find, like typical cycling glasses. They have a very challenging job as they have a much harder job to do. Here’s what makes them different.

Large Lenses

The first thing to mention is they have very large lenses. This is to give the rider maximum visibility and to cover the eyes fully, so no lens frame gets in the way.


Cycling glasses need to be watertight on the front, so when you go through large puddles, and mud flicks up, they can protect your eyes.

Offer Excellent Ventilation

It’s very challenging for companies to make watertight goggles and also give them good ventilation to ensure the lenses don’t steam up. Cycling goggles have to have this ability.

Soak Up Sweat

Unlike normal glasses, goggles need the ability to soak up sweat. When riding downhill or ripping through an enduro course, you get sweaty, and because these glasses lock onto your face, they have to soak the sweat as your eyes are enclosed.

Wrap Around Your Head

Unlike typical glasses you might use for cycling, goggles have a large strap that is designed to go around the back of the helmet and keep the goggles very secure.

Mountain biker splashing on trail
Mountain biker splashing on trail. Image Credit Unsplash.

What Do We Look for When It Comes to Picking the Best Mountain Bike Goggles?

So now you know why mountain bike goggles are so unique. It’s important to discuss what we look for when picking excellent mountain bike goggles. Here’s what we look for when rating goggles.

Great Design

We want our mountain bike goggles to look amazing. If you are going to be wearing them on a trail all day, then you have to love the way they look. We like them to be well-shaped and also have great color schemes.


When we use goggles, we need them to be extremely functional. When going down a lumpy trail at full speed, we can’t have our goggles falling off or moving; they need to be on our face secure and working well to ensure we can see where we are going and what we’re doing.


Another thing we look for is comfort. Not only do we need the goggles to work and help us ride, but we also want them to feel like we are not wearing goggles at all. A good ride out on the bike can be ruined if you feel uncomfortable because your goggles are not right.

Value for Money

Finally, the last thing we look for is value for money. Mountain bike goggles range vastly in price. Some can be as cheap as $30, and others can be $150. We want to know if we are getting a good product for the amount we are spending.

Mountain biker on a trail
Mountain biker on a trail. Image Credit Unsplash.

Best Mountain Bike Goggles

Giro Block MountainBlack120g$1008/10
POC Ora ClarityWhite148g$909/10
Fly Racing Pro GogglesBlue, Red, Black, Grey, White, etc220g$709/10
Fox Vue DvideWhite, Jade230g$1308/10
Koo Edge GogglesRed, Blue, WhiteNA$1108/10
iXS Trigger GogglesRedNA$799/10

Best Classic Style

1. Giro Blok Mountain

Giro Blok Goggles
Giro Blok Goggles. Image credit Performance bike

Our Rating




ColorsBlack with Purple Lens


  • Classic styling
  • Expansion View
  • Cylindrical lens
  • Anti-fog finish


  • Not the cheapest
  • Although classic dark and bland

Giro is an excellent brand when it comes to cycling clothing and accessories. You might have heard about some of their legendary shoes. We really like the Blok Mountain Goggles because they offer so much modern technology with a classic style.

The design is very cool, and we love the simplicity and vibrant style. The goggles have expansion view technology that will give you a really clear view of not just what’s in front of you but also the sides. The cylindrical lens heavily improves the clarity and contrast while riding, which also comes with an anti-fog finish.

They are super comfortable to wear with triple layer foam grip and even come with seamless compatibility to take the comfort further. It has a great rear strap with a tear-off ability to make this helmet not just excellent to look at but also works efficiently. 

We really like the Giro Blok goggles. They have classic retro styling mixed with modern performance. They don’t offer much color-wise, and I appreciate they are quite an investment, but overall well worth the money.

Best Design

2. POC Ora Clarity Fabio Edition Goggles

POC Clarity Goggles
POC Clarity Goggles. Image credit Performance bike.

Our Rating




ColorsWhite or black with Gold Lens


  • Looks excellent
  • Color options
  • Gold lenses and a spare clear
  • Three-piece foam system


  • Not the lightest

POC has a reputation for making excellent sunglasses and goggles when it comes to cycling. The Ora Clarity is a great example of this. We believe the Fabio Edition POC Ora Clarity goggles are one of the best designs we think they have made.

They come in two colors, white or black, and they look great with gold lenses. A smooth design gives the goggles clean lines, and everything about them looks very smooth. Not only do they look great, but they function too. The Ora Clarity lenses let the perfect amount of light through to intensify colors and contrast.

They offer a snug fit, and the straps will keep the goggles on nice and tight. With flexible frame construction and a three layer foam system, they are super comfortable too, with a precise fit.

The design lets you see in all directions and does offer a great amount of view for the rider. I would feel confident on a trail with these goggles. They also come with clear lenses if you want to keep it simple and want protection from the mud.

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Best Value

3. Fly Racing Zone Pro Goggles

POC Clarity Goggles
POC Clarity Goggles. Image credit Performance bike.

Our Rating




ColorsMultiple color options are available


  • A lot of color options
  • Outriggers and strap make fitment excellent
  • Looks amazing
  • Price is great
  • Nose guard and spare lens


  • Very bold look
  • Not the lightest

The Fly Racing Zone Pro goggles are one of the best on this list and come at an amazing price. These goggles have become very popular as they boast great technology and just look incredible.

The first thing to mention is they are very out there, and if you like bold goggles to show off, they look epic and like something out of a sci-fi film. They come in nine different color options ranging from stubble black to vibrant oranges. They have unique strap holders on the side, which flare out, looking like big vents, and we love these.

The lens is polycarbonate and has premium anti-fog lens and anti-fog coatings making them work pretty well even when you’re sweating on the way up the trail. The foam that sits on your face is molded and is great at managing sweat and moisture. The polyurethane frame is strong and offers a huge amount of vision.

Our favorite bit about these goggles is the strap design with outriggers that make the fit excellent. It also comes with a nose guard, which is removable if you don’t want it, and even a clear lens too. For more information check out Flys video here

The Fly Racing Zone Pro goggles are incredible. They have a bold look and make a great statement when ripping down a trail. They are not very light, but they perform and come with lots of accessories.

Best Ventilation


VUE DVIDE goggles
VUE DVIDE goggles. Image credit Jenson USA.

Our Rating




ColorsMultiple color options are available


  • Looks excellent
  • Strengthened lens
  • 45mm Strap with grip
  • Great vision


  • Fairly heavy
  • Not the cheapest

If you have been mountain biking for a while, you will have heard of Fox. They make excellent mountain biking components and accessories. When it comes to goggles, they excel and are definitely considered one of the best brands on the market.

The VUE DVIDE is a great set of goggles. They look great and come in two different color options. White and black with orange detailing or white and black with red detailing. They look excellent and, with the setback design, have the ability to sit in a full-face helmet very well while still offering great vision.

The lens is an injected polycarbonate material which not only gives you extra clarity but also gives extra protection if you have any impacts. It has 360 air ventilation so that you won’t have the goggles fogging up easily.

The triple-layer face foam makes these goggles very comfortable, and they sit well on your face. The 45mm strap gives a comfortable fit and with a silicone strap sticks to the back of your helmet.

Fox is known for making excellent products, and their goggles are something we can highly recommend. They are not the cheapest, but they look great and perform very well. Although a big investment, they will last you for many miles and years.

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Best Design

5. KOO Edge Goggles

Koo Edge Goggles
Koo Edge Goggles. Image credit Jenson USA.

Our Rating




ColorsMultiple color options are available


  • Great Simple Design
  • Excellent frame ventilation
  • Color options
  • Nose guard


  • Do look basic
  • No spare lenses

KOO makes some great cycling goggles. They have made some incredible designs, and you will be able to see the difference in quality close up. They have great attention to detail and have a great way of keeping the designs simple. The KOO edge comes in three different colors, black with red lenses, black with blue lenses, and white with red lenses.

They look great, a nice mix of a simple design, but very bold in color when it comes to the lenses. They have 100% UV protection, so you know your eyes are as safe as possible from the sun too. It comes with a removable nose cover that clips on and off and blends in nicely.

The KOO edge goggles offer a very simple design which we really like. Nothing flairs out, and they don’t look too bold, but they do offer excellent technology with them. The frame itself ventilates the inside of the goggles to stop them from fogging up, and the slot-in lens changing system makes it easy to swap lenses out quickly and securely.

The KOO Edge goggles are a very nice set. Bold in color but simple in design. Although they are $100 plus, they are totally worth it and will offer a great experience when ripping down a trail. Well worth every cent.

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Best Color

6. iXS Trigger Goggles

iXS trigger Goggles
iXS trigger Goggles. Image credit Jenson USA.

Our Rating






  • Looks great
  • Spare lens
  • Anti-fog, scratch, and EN1938 lenses
  • Outriggers
  • Price


  • Very bold looking
  • Limited color options

The iXS trigger goggles are the boldest on this list and look incredible with a bold red color, red lenses, and sleek design, and they are jam-packed with incredible features. They are amazing value for money and offer some great technology.

The goggles only come in red with red lenses, but iXS also include clear lenses for low light conditions. They offer a great view of 178 degrees by 78 degrees, which will ensure you will see everything in your direction no matter how tight that corner might seem.

The mirrored lens is anti-fog, anti-scratch and has great UV protection. They have a great fit with a 45mm strap and three-ply foam face grip, which helps remove sweat quickly. It’s compatible with roll-off and tear-off kits and EN1938 certified for impacts in case you fall.

The iXS Trigger goggles are very bold to look at. They have some excellent features and come in as one of the cheapest sets of goggles on this list. They might be a bit too bold for some, and color options are limited, but overall we like them and think they deserve a high rating as they perform great.

Mountain bikers on a mountain
Mountain bikers on a mountain. Image Credit Unsplash.

Mountain Bike Goggles Buyers Guide

These goggles above are in our opinion the best, but if you want to continue searching we have the buyer’s guide. In this buyer’s guide, we’re going to be telling you the question that you need to ask yourself when it comes to finding the perfect cycling goggles for you.

Do You Like the Way They Look?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is do you like the way the goggles look. If you don’t, then what motivation will that give you to wear them when you next hit the bike park? Cycling goggles come in all different shapes and sizes, and you should pick a set that you love the look and hopefully match your bike.

Lens Color

The color of the lenses are not always just for style. They also have a purpose. If you live in very sunny conditions, you will benefit from dark lenses to soak in the rays and help your visibility. If you live somewhere where it’s darker and find yourself in dark forest trails, goggles with lighter lenses will benefit you.

Spare Lenses

Most companies offer replacement lenses so you can change them depending on your riding. Many sets of goggles will come with clear lenses, so you can have something for lighter conditions.

Mountain biker outline
Mountain biker outline. Image Credit Unsplash.


When it comes to goggles, it’s easy to be taken in by sleek designs and extra features, but one of the most important things to consider is the field of vision you will have. When mountain biking and going downhills fast, you need to be able to see everything, so you don’t end up hitting it. Always go for a set of goggles that wraps far around the head and gives a great view.

Anti Fog

One of the most irritating things about goggles can be when they fog up. This can make those trails really sketchy, and when coming down a trail quickly, the last thing that you want is poor visibility. We recommend going for goggles with a decent bit of ventilation so you can avoid this happening.


When it comes to mountain biking goggles, you really do get what you pay for. If you go for very budget goggles, although they might look great, they typically won’t offer an amazing experience. The more expensive goggles from a top brand that cost a little more will definitely give you a better experience.

For more information on what to look for check out this video

Mountain biker on a trail
Mountain biker on a trail. Image Credit Unsplash.


Mountain biking goggles are a great tool. They help keep the mud out of your eyes, stop the splash from the tires, and also help protect your eyes from UV rays on those long days out. We highly recommend them, especially if you are out in poor conditions. Top mountain bikers wouldn’t leave the house without them. Investing in a decent set can greatly improve your mountain biking experience and help your ability on the trails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need mountain biking goggles?

You can ride a mountain bike without goggles easily. You will need them if you plan on riding enduro trails or downhill mountain biking. They help protect your eyes from dirt and water and can help improve the experience and your performance.

Are mountain bike goggles the same as snow goggles?

Although they look very similar and do a similar job, they are different. Mountain bikes typically have a single-layer lens, and snow goggles have a double-layer lens. If you were to use snow goggles, they would likely fog up a lot.

Should I wear my goggles over or under my helmet?

You can wear your goggles in both positions. We find it’s better to wear goggles over your helmet. This is so that in the event of a crash, the padding will work better without the strap or goggles getting in the way.

What lens cover is best for overcast days?

The best color of lenses for overcast weather is either rose, yellow, or gold. These will help the contract and your vision. We highly recommend not going for dark lenses on overcast days. Remember, the lighter the lenses, the better for darker weather.

Why are cycling goggles mirrored?

Cycling goggles are mirrored on very sunny days the light doesn’t come through sharply. Having mirrored lenses has the ability to stop this and means when the sun is shining through the trees, it doesn’t become too distracting.

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