The Best Ebikes Under $2000: Affordable, Reliable, And Fun (2023)

(Last updated on April 26th, 2023)

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a new e-bike. Many models come under $2000 and offer a safe, fun ride. The key to choosing the best e-bike under 2000 is knowing what features are the most important to you, whether that’s power, range, or even bike weight.

If you are commuting, you might want to focus on a bike with good speed or distance. On the other hand, if you are just riding around town for fun, you might prefer a more nimble, lightweight bike. So in this article, I will review the best e-bikes under $2000. I’ll talk about the key specs and the pros and cons of each. Then, I’ll give you my verdict on each one. Finally, I’ll talk about my favorite e-bike under $2000. Let’s get started!

image6 1
E-bikes don’t have to cost a fortune to be functional and fun. Trek Bikes

In this article, I will discuss the five best electric bikes under $2000. Then, I’ll go over the key specs and pros and cons of each one. Finally, I’ll rate them based on their key characteristics so you can better understand which is right for you.

Lastly, I’ll give you my choice of the best electric bike for under $2000. You’ll be surprised! Let’s get started.

Best Ebike Under $2000 at a Glance

BikeClassMotorSizesCharge TimeMax SpeedRangeMax WeightPriceRating (Out of 5)
Aventon Level.2 Commuter Ebike  2/3500 wattsRegular/ Large4 to 5 hours28 mphUp to 60 miles300 Pounds$17994.8
Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 Electric Bike  1250 wattsS, M, L6.5 hours20 mphUp to 50 miles300 pounds$17994.7
Cruiser Go! Step-Thru  1250 wattsOne Size4 hours20 mphUp to 40 milesN/A$15994.6
Rad Expand 5  2750 wattsOne Size6.5 hours20 mphUp to 45 miles275 pounds$16494.6
Rad Wagon  2750 wattsOne Size3 to 7 hours20 mphUp to 45 miles350 pounds$19994.5

Fastest Commuter Ebike Under $2000

1. Aventon Level.2  Commuter Ebike

image4 5
The Level.2 Commuter makes your commute go by quickly. Aventon

Our Rating




Motor 500W (Sustained), 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor
ThrottleThrottle on demand – Throttle from a complete stop
DisplayLCD Backlit display
Speed28 mph
Pedal Assist 5 Levels
Charging Time4-5 Hour Charging
RangeUp To 60 Miles
Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy
Bike Weight54lbs


  • This bike can easily be unlocked as a Class 3 e-bike for extra speed
  • Throttle on demand means you can start the motor without pedaling
  • Excellent Range


  • Motor does not have as much power as other bikes
  • The cabling in the front of the handlebars looks messy

The Aventon Level.2 Commuter Ebike is standard as a class 2 e-bike but can be unlocked to upgrade to a class 3 if desired. The front suspension offers extra comfort and traction to make your ride smoother and safer.

It includes a rack and fenders to carry all your gear. In addition, Level.2 has a few upgraded features since the original version. First, it uses a torque sensor for a more natural ride feel. Second, it upgraded the LCD from black and white to full color. And it also added some extra tail lights into the seat stays for safety.

Aventon kept the 500-watt brushless motor to give you plenty of power to climb hills. And the range is pretty impressive at up to 60 miles, depending on the level of pedal assist that you use.

A couple of other benefits to Level 2 are that the battery charges quickly, in 4 to 5 hours. And the bike only weighs about 54 pounds.

I love the look of the Level.2 – it doesn’t have that cargo appearance. It looks a little bit more classy with some road bike appeal.

I also love that Aventon prioritized distance and battery life over high wattages. A 500-watt motor is enough to do most of the climbing you need, although that will slightly drain your battery. But under ideal circumstances, you can really go far with this bike, making it a great commuter bike on a budget.


Charging Time5/5


If you need a fast commute on a budget, the Aventon Level.2 has really leveled up as one of the best e-bikes under $2000. Aventon kept some of the best parts of the commuter bike and improved a few others, making it an affordable, well-rounded, fast ride. I give it a 4.8/5.

Best Ebike Under $2000 for Urban Cycling

2. Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 Electric Bike

image1 4
Co-op Cycles makes a nimble and lightweight e-bike. REI

Our Rating




Motor250 Watts
ThrottlePedal assist only
DisplayLED panel
Speed20 mph
Pedal Assist3 Levels plus walk mode
Charging Time6.5 Hour Charging
RangeUp To 50 Miles
Frame6061 Aluminum Frame
Bike Weight50.5 lbs


  • Lightweight and nimble bike to ride
  • Features walk mode
  • Uses quality components


  • The smaller motor has less speed and torque
  • It does not have a throttle start

The Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 Electric Bike is an urban rider’s dream. It’s very lightweight for an e-bike, making it nimble and quick to navigate traffic easily. It has a front suspension fork with 75 mm of travel which you can lock out when you don’t need it. Hybrid-style handlebars also give you a comfortable, upright position. The combination of suspension, rugged tires, and wide bars give you lots of control over the bike and makes it more comfortable to ride.

The bike features an integrated cargo rack to haul your gear to work or home from the grocery store. You can attach a child seat to the cargo area, but it has a maximum weight of 59 pounds, including the seat.

I like that the small size features a step-through design, so shorter riders (like myself) can easily get on and off the bike, especially when it’s loaded with gear.

I have to admit the motor seems a little bit paltry compared to other, similarly priced e-bikes. However, you should still have plenty of power to get where you need to go as long as you aren’t doing massive hill climbing. In addition, the smaller motor helps keep the weight low, which might be important if you have to carry the bike at all or take it on the train, or if you want to do some pedaling without the pedal assist.

However, Co-op didn’t skimp on components with a Shimano drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes.

Another cool feature is walk mode. So if you have to push the bike (especially uphill), it will help you power it at a comfortable walking speed.


Charging Time5/5


If you need a snappy commuter bike, the Co-op Cycles City e.2 electric bike is a great place to start. It’s affordable, easy to maneuver, and will give you enough power to get where you’re going. It’s very lightweight, too, so it isn’t such a struggle if you should have to pedal without the assist. I give it a 4.7 out of 5 for being a well-rounded urban commuter bike.

Best Entry Level EBike Under $2000

3. Cruiser Go! Step-Thru

image3 3
The Cruiser Go! is both nostalgic and modern. Trek Bikes

Our Rating




Motor250 Watts
ThrottlePedal Assist Only
Displaybasic light panel
Speed20 mph
Pedal Assist3 Levels
Charging Time4 Hour Charging
RangeUp To 40 Miles with an optional extender with additional 40 miles
Frame6061 Aluminum Frame with steel fork
Bike Weight42 to 49 pounds


  • Very lightweight and fun bike to ride
  • Charges quickly, and the option extender gives you an outstanding range


  • The motor is lower power than other similarly priced e-bikes
  • The display is very basic

Not everyone needs a lean, mean commuting machine. However, if you want a fun ride with little assistance, the Cruiser Go! is an affordable and workable choice.

I love the design of Cruiser Go! with its mix of nostalgic beach cruiser appeal and modern technology. First, you get the fun appearance of an old-fashioned beach cruiser, complete with a wide, cushy seat, upright handlebars, and even a chainguard. It’s available in 4 beachy colors: blue, orange, white, and black.

It’s a single-speed bike with a small 250-watt motor. So it doesn’t have a huge amount of speed and torque – you won’t be climbing any massive hills – but the smaller motor makes it very lightweight, well under 50 pounds.

The display is the one area where this bike might be lacking. It gives you a simple light display, but it’s enough to let you know how much battery you have left.

The range is a well-rounded 40 miles, depending on how much pedal assist you to use. However, you can purchase a separate range extended, giving you an additional 40 if needed.

You could add some bags and accessories to make this your commuter bike, although it’s probably more suited towards fun rides to the ice cream shop and summer vacations.

Regardless of how you want to ride it, this is a fun, functional, affordable e-bike. Its simple design makes it low maintenance, and the small motor is lightweight and efficient. In addition, the battery charges fast – another benefit to this cute little bike.


Charging Time5/5


This is a very fun bike to ride with your family and friends. You aren’t be crushing mountains or winning springs, but you’ll get a relaxed, lightweight bike to cruise to dinner, ice cream, or around the block with your family. I give it a 4.6 out of 5 for being such a cute and fun bike.

Best Foldable Ebike Under $2000

4. The Rad Power Expand 5

image7 1
The Rad Power Expand 5 is versatile and powerful. RadPower Bikes

Our Rating




Motor750 Watts
ThrottleHalf twist -grip Throttle
DisplayLED panel
Speed20 mph
Pedal Assist4 Levels
Charging Time3 – 7 Hour Charging
RangeUp To 45 Miles
Frame6061 Aluminum Frame
Bike Weight62.5 lbs


  • Charges quickly
  • Folds up easily to store out of the way


  • It might not be comfortable for tall riders
  • Has a heavy bike weight.

The Rad Power Expand 5 is incredibly versatile and ready to roll on just about any terrain. It looks like a cargo bike but has wide knobby tires like a fat bike, allowing you to ride through the urban jungle and on off-road adventures.

This bike is a little on the heavy side, at 62.5 pounds. However, it has a large motor that can manage 750 watts, giving you plenty of torque for rough terrain. In addition, it will take you up to 45 miles on a single charge, so you can go quite a distance. And with 6.5 hours of charge time, you can charge up at work if needed.

If you have a lot of hills or use a lot of pedal assist, your battery won’t take you quite as far then if you used less assist and rode only on flat areas.

It’s a class 2 e-bike, which means its max pedal assist speed is 20mph. Hill climbing will be slower, and you can pick up extra speed without the pedal assist on the descents.

The Rad Power Expand 5 boasts a folding aluminum frame to stash it out of the way at the office or home in your garage. In addition, it has a rack and fenders to help you carry all your gear and stay clean, too.

The upright position is very comfortable, and the extra plushy tires help to give more of a smooth ride. Rad Power offers numerous accessories to customize your bike, too.


Charging Time5/5


I love how easily this bike folds up and out of the way, which is great if you commute by bike. I also love how easily it goes from on-road to off-road, with its burly motor and knobby tires. The only significant drawback here is that it might not be a great fit for tall riders. Otherwise, it’s a fast and fun bike, so I give it 4.6 out of 5.

Best Kid Hauler Ebike Under $2000

5. Rad Wagon

image2 3
The Rad Wagon can haul kids or groceries with its long, stable wheelbase. RadPower Bikes

Our Rating




Motor750 Watts
ThrottleQuarter twist -grip Throttle
DisplayLCD display
Speed20 mph
Pedal Assist5 Levels
Charging Time3 – 7 Hour Charging
RangeUp To 45 Miles
Frame6061 Aluminum Frame
Bike Weight76.2 lbs


  • Very sturdy and stable ride, even when loaded down with gear or passengers
  • Charges fast
  • Easy to purchase compatible child seats


  • This is a heavier bike due to the heavy-weight motor
  • The extra length of the bike might take a little getting used to in regards to maneuverability

This cargo e-bike might just be your new grocery-getter! Just imagine a bike that is the station wagon of bicycles – and you’ll get a Rad Wagon. It can haul plenty of cargo – your groceries or two children in their Thule Yepp Maxi Seats. There’s even a canopy and a rain cover to keep your cargo safe and dry!

The Rad Wagon has a long and low center of gravity, giving you a stable and smooth ride even when loaded with kids or gear.  It includes a cargo rack, but RadPower has many accessories you can add to customize your bike.

It boasts the same powerful motor as the RadExpand, which you’ll need all 750 watts if you are hauling around a couple of kids! When you look at the bike, it looks extra long, which isn’t unusual for a cargo bike. The bike rack can hold up to 120 pounds of gear or a child, so keep that in mind if you take your children out for a ride.

The bike weighs 76 pounds – it’s relatively heavy but extra sturdy and long. In addition, it features a low standover height with an adjustable seat and bars to make it fight a variety of riders.

The LCD display is nice, but one extra nice feature is its USB charging port, so you can charge your phone off the bike’s battery while you ride. However, if you are worried about running out of battery power before you make it home, you probably don’t want to spare any of the juice for your other devices.


Charging Time5/5


I give the Rad Wagon 4.5 out of 5. I love this bike for its ability to safely carry a passenger – or two – depending on the weight limit. Although heavy, you’ll need that extra motor power to haul your passengers. This bike is both fun and practical. 

Buyers Guide: How to Choose an Electric Bike Under $2000

I have to admit that I’m excited about these bikes. They offer excellent quality for the price, and you can cruise without breaking the bank. Here are the qualities I looked at to choose the best e-bikes under $2000.

Motor Size

Motors come in all sizes, but the range on this list is between 250 watts and 750 watts. The larger motors will give you much more power but are also heavy and drain the battery. Smaller motors are lighter and don’t put as much pressure on the battery. So it’s a trade-off, depending on the terrain you want to ride and how much your bike will weigh.


When we use the word throttle, we are referring to turning on the bike’s motor without having to pedal. A few of the bikes on this list are pedal assist only. These are class 1 e-bikes; the motor only turns on when pedaling. Class 2 and 3 e-bikes have a throttle, which means the motor can power the bike with a throttle instead of pedaling.


For most bikes, you’ll need a backlit LCD display to show you battery, speed, and range.


Most of the bikes on this list cap out with pedal assist at 20 mph. However, the Aventon bike can be unlocked to give you power up to 28 mph.

Pedal Assist

Pedal assist is how the motor gives you power when pedaling. Most of the bikes have 3 to 5 levels of pedal assist. The pedal assist drains your batter faster. The less you use, the further your battery can go.

Charging Time

This is how long it takes your bike to charge up. It can be anywhere from 3 hours to 12 or more, depending on the size and type of batter.


The range is how far you can go on a single charge. For most bikes, around 40 to 45 miles is typical, depending on the level of pedal assist you to use. However, some bikes can go up to 60 miles with a larger battery, and some bikes make it so you can purchase an extender or spare battery to get more range.


The type of tires on your e-bike determines the terrain. Wider, larger tires are great for both on and off-road, while skinny tires are only for paved roads. The size of the tire also determines the height of the bike. The bigger the tire, the taller the bike will be.

image2 2
Many e-bikes come with built-in cargo racks and wider tires. RadPower Bikes


All of the bikes on this list have aluminum frames, which are sturdy, lightweight, and inexpensive. The longer the frame, the more stable the bike.

Bike Weight

Bike weight is important if you need to carry your bike. They range from 42 pounds to 76 pounds.

Bike Fit

E-bikes typically don’t have as many size options as non-e-bikes, so you’ll want to ensure that yours fits comfortably, especially if they are one size fits all.


Of course, price is essential. The bikes on this list range from $1599 to $1999, which makes getting our first e-bike very affordable.

Final Thoughts on Ebikes Under $2000

If you need a fast commuter e-bike, I highly suggest the Aventon Level.2. It’s undergone some serious upgrades since its inception and makes for a well-rounded commuter.

But to be completely honest, I am totally smitten with the single-speed, nostalgic Cruiser Go! Step-Through bike. It just adds such a spark of fun and nuance to what could otherwise be a boring ride. It doesn’t have a huge motor or great big speeds, but it has enough power and range to get you where you need to go. You can add accessories you need, including a range extender, to make it go even further.

Whether you are a beginner rider or a seasoned pro, it’s a great bike. This bike is as cute as it is fun to ride, and you can’t beat that for under $2000 ebike.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are e-bike classes?

There are 3 e-bike classes.
Class 1 is pedal assist-only up to 20mph.
Class 2 is pedal assist and throttle up to 20mph.
Class 3 is pedal assist and throttle up to 28mph.

Are e-bikes legal?

E-bikes are illegal in all areas, so you must check your local laws to ensure. In some areas, e-bikes are not legal; in others, only class 1 and 2 e-bikes are permitted.

Can e-bikes carry children?

Some e-bikes are made to fit child seats and can safely carry children. However, you must check with your e-bike and child seat manufacturer to ensure it is safe and compatible.

Can e-bikes go off-road?

Many e-bikes are made to go both on-road and off-road. It depends on the width and type of tires. Wider, knobby tires are better for off-road than smooth, thin tires.

Can I buy spare batteries for my e-bike?

Many e-bike manufacturers make it easy to replace the battery so that you can carry a spare one. However, a few e-bikes have the battery more permanently installed, so you will need a technician to replace it.

Do I need an e-bike for commuting?

If you prefer, you can commute using an electric scooter. Some are equipped with bags as well as seats for your comfort.

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