Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter: An In-Depth Review (2023)

(Last updated on March 9th, 2023)

Electric scooters are great fun and used recreationally and are a great form of transport for many when commuting to work or visiting friends. In recent years they have become incredibly popular, and I have seen many new scooters hit the market, which is very exciting. One of the most sold scooters ever is the Xiaomi M365, which gets a lot of great hype. 

In this article, I want to tell you all about the M365 and what makes it such a popular scooter. I will also tell you about some great alternatives and answer some of your best electric scooter questions.

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People riding scooters. Unsplash

Who are the Xiaomi Corp Team?

The Xiaomi Corporation was founded in 2010 by Lei Jun and his six associates. They are experts when it comes to making electronic technology. Chasing Samsung, they are currently the second biggest supplier of electronic cell phones, even sitting above Apple. They are well known for making home appliances, household items, and consumer electronics. 

Xiaomi has carved a name for itself in the electric scooter market by creating stylish and fun scooters packed with superior technology. What makes them really special is that they also come in at an incredibly low price and are amazing value for money. They are well known for regularly updating products every year or two and putting much time into product research. 

What Do I Look For in an Electric Scooter?

Before speaking about the M365, it’s important to speak about what I look for when it comes to reviewing a scooter. I find the best way to understand a scooter is to break it down like this;


So much goes into the design of a scooter. Not only does it have to look great, but it also needs to be practical and fit for the purpose it is meant to be used.

Motor and Power

At the heart of the scooter, you have a motor. This is what powers it, so you don’t need to push it yourself. I wanted motors that are not only going to be powerful but efficient. 

Battery and Range

The battery is where the motor draws its power from. I want good batteries which offer a lot of range. 

Wheels and Tires

When it comes to scooters, they have a lot of different wheel and tire sizes, offering different characteristics. I look for wheels and tires which are functional to the bike’s purpose.


Brakes are vital to stopping quickly, and some of the scooters I review are incredibly quick, and I require them to work effectively and stop quickly. You can also adjust them accordingly. 

Special Features

Scooters are packed with special features which make the experience of riding them much better. You will find scooters with applications, suspension systems, ABS braking, and even lighting. 


When it comes to scooters they hugely range in price. I don’t look for the cheapest but I do look for excellent value for money.

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Person riding scooters. Unsplash

Key Specifications

Size Unfolded108 x 43 x 114 cm
Size Folded108 x 43 x 49 cm
Motor250w Rated 500w Max Motor Hub
Charge Time4.5 Hours
Top Speed16.8mph
Distance18 miles 
Wheels and Tires8.5” Air Tires
BrakesE-ABS and Disc Brake
Max Weight220 lbs
Max Climbing14 Degrees

Performance Statistics

Top Speed16.8mph
Range 18 Miles
Braking (24-0 kph)5m
Acceleration (0-24 kph)6.3s


  • Lightweight at 27.5lbs
  • It looks incredible with a slick black finish
  • 250w motor with a peak 500w boost
  • Excellent folding ability
  • Battery with a good 18-mile range
  • Easy to ride and very fun
  • A good braking system that can generate power for the battery
  • Air tires give a smooth ride
  • Waterproof and can be ridden in wet conditions


  • No suspension
  • No display
  • Not the most powerful
Xiaomi Mi M365 Folded3
Xiaomi Mi M365 Folded. Amazon

Design 5/5

The first thing to mention is the design which gets 5/5. It looks fantastic, the design is very sleek, and the matt black with small red detailing does make it really stand out. Unlike many scooters which look too much with heavy details and aggressive off-road components hanging off, the Xiaomi M365 looks minimalistic and has a nice simple design. 

It is perfect for people from 120cm to 200cm tall and has a maximum weight limit of 100kg. It is a fairly small scooter coming in at 108 x 43 x 114 cm and folds down to 108 x 43 x 49 cm. I love the folding ability, and using a small hinge on the front means you can break it down in seconds, which is perfect for commuting. 

Xiaomi Mi M365 being ridden4
Xiaomi Mi M365 is being ridden. Amazon

Motor 4/5

Then we have the motor, and you get 250w general power and 500w peak power. It’s not the most powerful motor compared to other scooters on the market that offer 1000w to 3000w, but the bigger the motor doesn’t always make a scooter better. These big motor scooters need huge batteries and typically weigh a lot. 

The beauty of using a smaller 250w motor is that you might get less of a high top speed or a huge range, but it keeps the scooter smaller and incredibly light. With many states coming in with speed limits on scooters, the M365 is perfect, as it will not get you in trouble. I give it a 4/5, as I would have loved a more powerful motor, but it’s still ok.

Xiaomi Mi M365 being carried5
Xiaomi Mi M365 being carried. Amazon

Battery 3/5

Paired with the 250w motor, you get a 7.8Ah battery. It gets 3/5, in my opinion. Again like the motor, it may not be the most powerful or largest, but it is very high quality and boasts some other excellent features. On this battery, you get a 16 to 18-mile range, depending on the conditions, which is ok. A better range would have been very beneficial.

The battery itself has an incredibly quick charging time of 4.5 hours. Many scooters with larger batteries have charging times of over 10 hours. If you commute, you might have more time to charge before you head home. Another great feature of this battery is that it can take charge from the braking system to prolong itself. 

Xiaomi Mi M365 at a cafe6
Xiaomi Mi M365 at a cafe. Amazon

Wheel and Tires 4/5

The wheels and tires on the M365 get a 4/5. The wheels are 8.5,” and this is a great size that gives you excellent acceleration. It also keeps the scooter motoring along at fairly high speeds without taking too much from your battery. 8.5” tires are seen on many other incredible bikes, such as the Hilboy S2.

Unlike other scooters, this doesn’t have solid tires. This means they have inner tubes, and you must pump air into them. Although this sounds like more hassle compared to the solid tires, it gives a much better ride, and they are much more forgiving, but you might get the odd puncture. 

Brakes 5/5

The braking system on the Mi M365 is one of the best things about this scooter and definitely a reason to consider it. It has my top 5/5 rating. Unlike many other scooters, it has two types of brakes. On the rear, you have a mechanical disc brake which is excellent for stopping you in poor weather conditions.

On the front, you have the E-ABS. This brake is very special. It has a system that has two purposes. The first is to ensure the front wheel slows you down, doesn’t lock up in the process, and throws you over the front. The second is it can take power from the brakes and send some energy back to the battery. It’s not a huge amount, but it does help in the long run.

Xiaomi Mi M365 7
Xiaomi Mi M365. Amazon

Special Features 4/5

The Xiaomi Mi M365 has great features, which I have given a whole section to. For me, I felt they went the extra mile when it came to add-ons. Here’s what you can expect. 


The first feature to tell you about is it has an inbuilt lighting system. On the front, where you have the power control, you actually have a light completely built in flush with the handlebars, and on the rear, a small light on the fender too. 

They are not the best lights, and if you plan on riding in the pitch black might not be the best option, they are great for adding another layer of safety to this scooter. The more you can be seen, the safer you will be on the roads.


The next thing to speak about is the application. Unlike many other scooters, the Xiaomi Mi M365 doesn’t have a display apart from a few LEDs to tell you the power level. What you can do is connect the bike to your Bluetooth-compatible phone. 

Once connected, you have access to settings, you can lock and unlock the bike, and you can look at a variety of other things, such as battery health. I highly recommend downloading the application as it gives you more insight into your scooter. 

We would have loved to have had an LCD display on this scooter, and we feel that’s the only thing that lets it down in this department. With an LCD display, it would have the full 5/5, but instead, we’re going with 4/5.

Xiaomi Mi M365 lighting system8
Xiaomi Mi M365 lighting system. Amazon

Folding Ability

Although I touched on it earlier, one thing that sets this scooter apart from others is the folding mechanism. Most people think all scooters fold when actually only a limited number of the scooters on the market do. 

The folding ability on the M365 is ideal. It’s on a simple clip and takes seconds literally. It doesn’t rattle when being ridden and makes it excellent if you jump on and off trains and buses and need transport in between. 

Spares and Accessories

If you want a scooter, you can get loads of parts for the Xiaomi Mi M365 is an excellent option. With these scooters’ popularity so high, many companies stock spares, which are very easy to work on. 

You can also have many accessories, from bag mounts, screw-on seats, powerful uprated motors, suspension systems, and even phone mounts. I see many of these scooters being upgraded by people as a hobby. 

Xiaomi Mi M365 application9
Xiaomi Mi M365 application. Amazon

Cost 4/5

When buying the Xiaomi Mi M365, you will spend around $300 to $400. It’s incredible value for money, and you’ll struggle to find anything with the same specifications, quality, and excellent features. We give it 4/5.

My Verdict

There’s a lot I like about the M365. It has an excellent motor and battery, is very lightweight, boasts great regenerative braking technology, and looks incredible. Let’s not forget the lighting and the application, which add much value. 

What I didn’t like so much is that it doesn’t have an LCD display; not everyone likes air tires because you run the risk of punctures. It’s not the smoothest of rides without suspension, and the range is pretty limited regarding longer commutes. 

Overall though, for the price, I think it’s incredible value for money and well worth anyone’s money who would benefit from a scooter. I can understand why they are so popular and love that there are many spares, and you can buy upgraded parts.

Alternative Products

I highly rate the Xiaomi Mi M365, but what if you want something different? Here are our recommendations on some other scooters I would recommend from other manufacturers, or you can check out our best electric scooters for adults list. 

ScooterXiaomi M365Hilboy S2Xiaomi M365 PRO
Top Speed16.8mph18.6mph16.8mph
Range18 Miles17 Miles28 Miles
Charge Time4.5h5h8h

Hilboy S2 

If you want a similar scooter and are willing to invest a little more, consider the Hilboy S2. It offers more than the M365 because it has rear suspension, solid tires, a display, and a slightly more powerful motor. They even look quite similar, apart from a few subtle differences. 

Hilboy S2 10
Hilboy S2. Hilboy

Xiaomi Mi M365 PRO 

Xiaomi also made another version of the Mi M365, called the PRO. This features a more powerful motor of 300w general and 600w peak. It has a larger battery and the LCD display I felt the original scooter was missing. You also get a wider footplate that works better for people with larger shoes. I feel it’s a good investment if you have the extra money.

Xiaomi Mi M365 PRO 11
Xiaomi Mi M365 PRO. Ebay

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xiaomi M365 worth it?

I feel the M365 is a great scooter, and I can see why it is one of the most popular on the market. It offers a good ride and is made to a high-quality standard. 

Can I drive Xiaomi M365 in the rain?

The M365 is an IP54 rating, meaning you will be okay to ride this in the rain. It doesn’t mean it’s entirely waterproof, though. This scooter couldn’t be used underwater, and you do have to be careful washing it near the electrical components.

What is the difference between M365 and M365 Pro?

The Pro has a larger battery, is faster, has an LCD display, and has a wider footplate. It does cost more, and it also takes double the time to recharge the battery. 

Can I ride a scooter in the snow?

Surprisingly a lot of people ask us this question. I highly recommend you don’t. It isn’t good for the scooter and is pretty dangerous as it’s so slippery. 

Can you leave your electric scooter outside?

You can leave it outside, but I recommend locking it up with a chain if there’s no other way. Most places are ok with scooters, provided you fold them and walk them into a shop.

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