333fab was established in 2007 out of my love for making custom metal bicycles out of titanium, stainless steel and thin-wall chromoly steel tubes. With a focus on designing and creating purpose built bicycles for racing, ramblin’, trails and adventure for on and off-road use.

With over 20 years of experience in custom frame building and over 3,000 titanium frames welded in addition to time spent doing custom metal fabrication and sculpture, I strive to blend my personal passions for riding and racing bikes with the art of making them.

The name, 333fab is derived from my experience of waking up from sleep at 3:33am with inspired, creative thoughts and the desire to create.

These days 333fab is run by Maxwell Kullaway with the experienced hands of Bill Davidson out of our collective shop called “Davidson & Kullaway Custom Bicycles” or ‘DKCB’ with the service and mechanical help of Mark Villegas in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood; aka “The Center of the Universe”.

Thanks for stopping by. Now get out and ride!

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