Choosing the Perfect Varla Electric Scooter: A Buyer’s Guide and Comparison

(Last updated on August 15th, 2023)

How do you know which electric scooter suits you perfectly? Electric scooters offer several benefits; they are a convenient means of transportation and are safe for the environment. In addition, you get to beat traffic, and the scooter’s lightweight and portability make it easy to carry and store.

There are so many options available, with each one offering stellar reviews. There are also so many factors to consider: style, range, battery life, durability, efficiency, and many other factors; let’s not forget you have a budget. This read will show you how to get the Varla Electric scooter without breaking the bank. 

Varla fast electric scooter


Established in 2018, Varla has, over time, proven its worth with over fifty thousand riders and positive reviews from these riders. It is a leading brand with a strong reputation in the electric scooter market. Our dual-motor electric scooters offer enhanced performance compared to single-motor scooters, making them the best option for you any day, any time.

Dual Motor Electric Scooters:

Simply put, a dual-motor electric scooter has two motors, one for each wheel. This provides better acceleration, climbing capabilities, and overall power. Dual-motor electric scooters have two motors, each located on each of the wheels of the e-scooter. This design improves performance and traction by allowing autonomous control and power distribution to each wheel.

Dual motor e-scooters have some benefits over those with only one. They are perfect for you if you prefer an exhilarating ride or need to go great distances quickly since they first provide you with higher acceleration and top speed. Dual motor scooters can also easily climb steep hills because of their great climbing ability.

Single Motor Electric Scooters:

As the name implies, a single-motor electric scooter only has one motor, usually in the back wheel’s hub. It might not have as much power as dual-motor scooters, but it offers a dependable and effective form of transportation.

Electric scooters with a single motor are usually less expensive than two motors. They are suitable for riders who need something affordable and only need a little speed or power. Single-motor scooters frequently offer superior battery life and greater range because of their lower power consumption.


To determine if Varla dual motor electric scooters are worth it, let’s consider various aspects: 

How Fast Does Varla Scooter Go?

The Eagle One Pro All-Terrain electric scooter boasts an impressive top speed of 45 mph (64 km/h), making it a formidable choice if you want a very fast electric scooter. Meanwhile, the Pegasus City Commuter electric scooter is no slouch in the speed department, reaching up to 28 mph (45 km/h). These adult electric scooters offer an ideal balance of speed and practicality, making them excellent options for daily commutes or exciting recreational outings.

How Long Does Varla Scooter Battery Last?

The battery is your electric scooter’s “fuel tank.” It stores the energy required by the motor, lights, controller, and other accessories. The battery life of a scooter is important for both commuters and adventurers. The Eagle One offers a range of up to 40 miles, the Eagle One Pro provides up to 45 miles, and the Pegasus can travel up to 28 miles on a single charge. You can easily choose the model that aligns with your daily travel needs.

Weight and Portability:

Portability is a key factor for electric scooter users. The Eagle One Pro and Eagle One V2.0 are heavier due to their dual motors and sturdy build, making them less convenient for carrying around. On the other hand, the Pegasus is lighter and more manageable for shorter trips or public transportation.

Suspension and Comfort:

A suspension system for an electric scooter comprises many different technologies, including springs, rubber bushings, etc., that lift the scooter’s deck off the ground. The e-scooter suspension compresses to take the impact of a bump and then springs back to its original position. 

The Eagle One Pro and Eagle One V2.0 come equipped with front and rear suspension systems, providing a smoother ride even on uneven terrains. Also, the Pegasus stands out with its innovative dual spring suspension, offering superior comfort and shock absorption.

Varla off road electric scooter

Price and Value for Money:

The price of a Varla electric scooter can vary depending on its particular features and specifications, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about buying one. For you to make an informed choice and get the best return on your investment, it is crucial to carefully consider both your budget and the features that are most important to you.


Safety is indeed a crucial factor to consider when choosing an electric scooter. Let’s go over the safety features and considerations offered by Varla electric scooters:

Dual Disc Brakes: 

All three Varla models have dual disc brakes, providing efficient stopping power. Having two brakes, one for each wheel helps distribute the braking force evenly and makes it easy to make quick stops whenever needed.

Advanced Hydraulic Brakes: 

The Eagle One Pro and Eagle One V2.0 models have hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic brakes are better than mechanical brakes in many ways, such as better modulation, smoother operation, and improved braking performance. These features contribute to enhanced safety and better control during rides.

Mechanical Disc Brakes: 

The Pegasus model has mechanical disc brakes. While not as advanced as hydraulic brakes, mechanical disc brakes still provide reliable stopping power and are an improvement over traditional friction brakes found on some electric scooters.

LED Lights: 

Varla scooters have LED lights to improve visibility during low-light conditions or night rides. Proper lighting helps you see the road ahead and makes the scooter more visible to other road users, reducing the risk of accidents.

Large Deck Space: 

A larger deck space means more balance. The scooters feature ample deck space, contributing to riding stability. With ample foot space, you can find a comfortable position and maintain better balance while riding. 

Pneumatic Tires: 

Tires get your scooters moving. Varla fast electric scooter is equipped with pneumatic tires, which are air-filled. Pneumatic tires offer better shock absorption and traction on various surfaces, including rough roads and uneven terrains, making them safer and more comfortable.


Here are some questions usually asked about dual-motor electric scooters:

Q: Are dual-motor electric scooters suitable for beginners?

Depending on the specific model and power delivery, dual-motor electric scooters can be suitable for beginners. Dual-motor scooters generally offer more power and acceleration than single-motor scooters. This extra power can appeal to experienced riders looking for high-performance and off-road capabilities. 
However, some dual-motor scooters, like the Varla models, have multiple speed and power settings, allowing riders to adjust the performance to their comfort level. Beginners can start with lower power settings to get used to the scooter’s handling and gradually increase the power as they gain confidence and experience.

Q: Can I ride a Varla electric scooter in the rain?

While Varla electric scooters are designed to handle various weather conditions, including light rain or wet surfaces, riding any electric scooter in heavy rain or deep water puddles is generally not recommended. 
Like most electric vehicles, electric scooters are not fully waterproof, and water ingress can damage sensitive components, including the battery and electronics. Riding on slippery surfaces can also reduce traction and increase the risk of accidents. After riding in wet conditions, it’s good practice to dry the scooter and store it in a dry place.
Varla motorized scooter

Q: What is the charging time for Varla scooters?

The charging time for Varla electric scooters varies depending on the battery capacity and charger specifications. Generally, electric scooters with larger battery capacities will take longer to charge. Varla provides information about the charging time in each model’s product specifications or user manual.  For example, the Varla Eagle One Pro has a larger battery capacity and might take 6-7 hours for a full charge using the provided charger. Charging times can vary slightly based on factors such as battery level, ambient temperature, and charger condition.

Q: Do Varla scooters come with a warranty?

Varla electric scooters typically have a warranty to protect against manufacturing defects and ensure customer satisfaction. The specific warranty terms and coverage may vary between models and regions, so it’s essential to review the warranty information provided by Varla for each scooter. 
Warranties typically cover a specific period, such as one year. They may include free repairs or replacements for parts or the entire scooter if any defects arise during the warranty period. Registering your scooter with the manufacturer and keeping a copy of the purchase receipt is always a good idea to facilitate the warranty process if needed.


Choosing the perfect Varla electric scooter depends on your specific needs and preferences. The new Eagle One V2.0 fast electric scooter is an excellent choice for high performance, speed, and long-range capabilities. However, if portability and comfort are what you need, the Pegasus may be the ideal option.

Varla’s reputation as a reliable brand, coupled with the impressive features of their electric scooters, makes them worth considering for commuting and recreational purposes. Whether you are a daily commuter or here for the thrill, Varla has a dual-motor electric scooter tailored to meet your needs.

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