Best 24-Inch Bikes for Young Cyclists: Our Top Selections (2023)

(Last updated on March 29th, 2023)

As a petite rider, I struggled to find a gravel bike that would fit me just right. Finally, I desperately purchased a 24-inch bike because it was set up for riders up to 5 feet tall.

Although the bike is just a little too small for me, I discovered it’s just perfectly sized for my kids, who are around 9 and 11 years old. They love this bike, and I’m so glad they have it to ride! But there are lots of other 24-inch bikes that are great, too.

In this article, I will review the best 24-inch bikes. First, I’ll tell you their key specs, the pros and cons of each one, and give you my verdict. Then, of course, I’ll tell you which is my favorite!

image6 8
Woom bikes are designed to fit a child’s body. Woom

24 Inch Bikes are typically suitable for very petite adults and children aged 7 to 11. The Best 24-Inch Bikes are:

  • Woom Bike Original: Best All-Around 24-Inch Bike
  • Woom Off 5: Best 24-Inch Hardtail Mountain Bike
  • Marin Rift Zone JR: Best 24-Inch Full Suspension Bike
  • Co-op Cycles Rev CTY Step-Through: Best 24 Inch Step-through Bike
  • Electra Cruiser: Best 24 Inch Cruiser Bike

Who Rides a 24-inch Bike?

The typical road bike has 700c wheels, which is about the same as 29 inches. Some smaller bikes and specific mountain bikes will have 650b wheels or 27.5-inch wheels. But those bikes, sized by the bike frame, might still be too big for petite adults and growing kids. So they’ll need to go a little bit smaller. A kid’s 24-inch bike is the answer.

A 24-inch bike is sized by the wheel and not by the frame. So there could be some variation in size over who can ride this bike. However, in most cases, a 24 inch bike is just right for kids in between ages 7 to 11 or petite adults who are under five feet tall.

In my case, a 24-inch bike is just slightly too small but is perfect for my kids, who are somewhat shorter than I am. Here are the best 24-inch bikes and the ones I would consider purchasing for my kids.

Best 24 Inch Bikes

BikeIntended AgeHeightBike FrameBrakesGearingPriceRating
Marin Rift Zone JRUnlistedOne SizeAluminum Full-SuspensionHydraulic Disc BrakesShimano 1 X 11 32T chainring with 11 – 46T cassette$18995/5
Woom Bike Original7 and up49 – 57 inchesAluminumFront and rear V-Brakes8-Speed Drivetrain, SRAM Twist Shifter,$6494.5/5
Woom Off 57 – 11 Years50.39 – 57.09 inchesAluminum frame with carbon forkDisc BrakesSRAM X5 28 Teeth Crankset and 11-34T cassette$8494.5/5
Co-op Cycles Rev CTY Step-ThroughKidsUnlisted6061 Aluminum Step-throughLinear Pull Rim Brakes42/34/24 Chainring with 14 – 34 cassette$3994.3/5
Electra CruiserKidsUnlistedSteel Step-throughRear Coaster Brake44t chainring and 22t rear cog$4004.1/5

Best 24 Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike

1. Marin Rift Zone JR 24” Bike

image1 12
This little bike can really shred! Marin

Our Rating




HeightOne Size
FrameAluminum Full-Suspension  
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
GearingShimano 1 X 11 32T chainring with 11 – 46T cassette


  • This is a well-rounded, entry-level junior mountain bike.
  • It’s just right for upgrading and growing with your preteen.
  • May be suitable for petite adults.


  • The price is high for a typical kids’ bike, although this bike is a high value for the price.
  • If you want one on the bike, upgrade to a dropper post yourself.

If you can expand your budget, you’ll find that the Marin Rift Zone Jr is a well-rounded entry-level mountain bike for young (or petite) riders. The Rift Zone JR is based on the Rift Zone but in a smaller form. 

Yes, you’ll pay a little bit more coin to get this bike, but you also get loads more features. 

First, although it comes with 24-inch wheels, there’s enough frame clearance for 26-inch wheels, so you can get a few extra years out of it just by changing them out.

Next up, the Rift Zone JR has 120mm of front and rear suspension. This will give you much more grip on rough terrain and smooth out the lumps and bumps, so the ride doesn’t feel so harsh. It follows this up with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes (my favorite type) to provide steady and consistent stopping power. 

I love that this bike is dropper post compatible and has tubeless-ready wheels. So you can inexpensively upgrade the bike to make it a little more gnarly and a little more puncture-proof.

This bike can rip it up, and while it is the most expensive bike on the list, if you compare it to similar mountain bikes, you’ll find it’s a very high value for the price. 

Marin doesn’t give you much info on exactly who this bike is for – they leave it a bit open-ended. However, if you’re a very petite adult and aren’t ready to cash in a Furtado, you might want to try out the Marin JR or some other entry-level mountain bike. It makes a well-rounded short travel short-suspension bike ready for some simple upgrades. 


Type of Riding5/5
Age and Size of Rider 5/5
Frame Type and Style5/5
Type of Brakes5/5
Price to Value


Of all the 24-inch bikes on this list, the Marin JR is the one most likely to be able to be used by an adult, as well. It’s tough to find any drawbacks on this bike other than the price. I’ll admit it costs a little more, but that’s because it comes with better components, and full-suspension bikes always cost more than a hardtail (non-suspension bike). I love this bike so much that I give it a 5 out of 5. I might even ride it myself!

Best All Around 24 Inch Bike

2. Woom Bike Original

image2 10
Woom makes a great all-around 24-inch bike. Woom

Our Rating




Age7 and up 
Height49 – 57 inches
BrakesAluminum Front and rear V-Brakes
Gearing8 Speed Drivetrain with SRAM Twist Shifter


  • Designed to fit kids’ bodies well.
  • Easy to adjust for your child’s size.
  • Includes tools for assembly.


  • This bike could be improved with wider tires.
  • You need to assemble this bike yourself.

Woom Bikes are known for making safe, affordable bikes for kids, although there is no reason a smaller adult couldn’t use one of these bikes, except the components aren’t as high-end as adult bikes typically are. 

The Original Woom 5 is an all-road bike. It has an ultralight frame and a grip shifter with flat bars for easy handling. You’ll also find eight gears to make it up those steep hills. 

The Woom 5 is intended for kids aged 7 to 11 – old enough to shift and brake well. For height, it is designed to fit kids who are 49 to 57 inches tall – so roughly between 4 and 5 feet tall. However, the crank length and the distance between the pedals (the Q Factor) were designed with children’s bodies in mind. As a result, it makes the bike easier for them to pedal. 

The bike is easily adjustable at the stem and the seat, so you can make it fit just right. It has knobby tires to take on easy trails or pavement. And it has independently working front and rear rim brakes. Rim brakes have been around for many years and work well. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to get one of these bikes for my kids. I like how easy it is to adjust, I love the safety features, and I especially love how it is designed with kids’ bodies in mind. In addition, the weight limit is very forgiving at 175 pounds. 

At $649, it isn’t just a big box bike – you’ll get more quality and durability than a cheap bike, even if it isn’t as high quality as some of the more expensive bikes. 


Type of Riding5/5
Age and Size of Rider 5/5
Frame Type and Style5/5
Type of Brakes4/5
Price to Value4/5


I give this bike a 4.5 out of 5 possible points. It’s a high-quality, safe bike I would feel comfortable giving to my children. The gearing and shape are too small for adults but great for younger kids’ learning skills.

Best 24-Inch Hard-Tail Mountain Bike for Kids

3. Woom Off 5

image4 9
The Woom Off 5 gets the job done for gravel or easy trails! Woom

Our Rating




Age7 – 11 Years   
Height50.39 – 57.09 inches  
FrameAluminum frame with carbon fork 
BrakesDisc Brakes 
GearingSRAM X5 drivetrain28 Teeth Crankset and 11-34T cassette


  • Well designed to fit children’s body proportions, especially for pedaling, shifting, and braking.
  • Provides high value for the price, including the front suspension model.


  • Isn’t a great choice for gnarly terrain, but it works great on easy trials.
  • Uses very easy gears for hills but does not have hard gears for speed.

The Woom Off 5 is a lot more bike for just a bit more money than the original Woom 5. 

First of all, this is a hardtail mountain bike. So it’s designed to take a bit of a beating and harder riding. Second, it has disc brakes, which give you much more stopping power, especially under wet or muddy conditions. Finally, it has a carbon fork, which absorbs more road chatter than a typical aluminum fork, making your ride much more comfortable. 

It’s still a standard Woom bike, designed to fit children’s bodies comfortably. However, your child will get a more comfortable ride with shorter cranks and pedals that are a bit closer together. 

This bike might work for a petite adult, but considering it was designed for the average child’s proportions, it probably won’t.  Even the brakes and grip shifters were designed with children’s hands in mind. That makes it ideal for a child but maybe not for a small adult. 

The Woom Off 5 has a 28T chainring in the front with an 11-34 T cassette in the back. This gives you many easy gears for hill climbing but not many hard gears for pure speed. 

This is a great bike for easy mountain biking and gravel riding. You can take it a little bit further if you purchase the model with the optional front suspension, which gives you a little more grip and a little bit more cushioning, but it won’t handle terrain like a full-suspension bike. 

It would work really well in place of a hybrid or gravel bike. 


Type of Riding4/5
Age and Size of Rider 4/5
Frame Type and Style5/5
Type of Brakes5/5
Price to Value5/5


I really like the concept of womb bikes because they design bikes that are great for kids 7 to 11. Although this is technically a mountain bike, looking at the wheels, the gears, and the shifters, I would not use it on gnarly terrain. Instead, since it’s a hardtail, I would treat it more like a gravel bike unless you purchase the model with the front suspension. Nevertheless, it still earns a well-rounded 4.5/5 points.

Best 24 Inch Step-Through Bike (on and off trail)

4. Co-op Cycles REV CTY 24 Step-Through Kids’ Bike

image7 5
REV CTY is a step-through bike that looks like an adult hybrid. REI

Our Rating




Height and ageUnlisted  
Frame6061 Aluminum Step-through
BrakesLinear Pull Rim Brakes
Gearing42/34/24 Chainring with 14 – 34 cassette


  • Inexpensive bike with excellent customer service 
  • The nice, low top tube makes this bike look and feel like an adult hybrid bike


  • It could be improved with a better set of brakes
  • The maximum weight limit is very low 

It can be difficult to find a bike that fits your child ‘just right’ only to have them hit a growth spurt and outgrow it way too fast. So the Co-op Cycles REV CTY has created a step-through frame that makes it easier for smaller kids to get on and off the bike, which stretches the time they can use it. 

Although they call it a step-through bike, it’s really more of a hybrid bike. It’s great to tool around town, hit some easy gravel trails, or ride to school and home. 

The bike looks just like a smaller version of an adult hybrid bike, so it won’t look childish to your preteen. 

A really cool characteristic of this bike is the triple chainring. These are hard to find, but they give you a wide range of gears with a 42/34/24 chainring in the front and a 14 – 34 cassette in the back. Hills, flats, and descents are no problem at all with these gears. 

This bike could work for a petite adult, but it’s probably best left to younger kids for two reasons. First, the weight limit is only 120 pounds, including any cargo. Many kids and adults over age 12 will simply be too heavy for this bike. On the other hand, the bike uses linear-pull brakes, my least favorite in stopping power. 

Yes, they will stop you – but the lighter and smaller the rider, the better the brakes will work. A larger, heavier rider will have more momentum and likely more speed than these brakes are great for. They’re also tricky to adjust, but REI is known for its excellent customer service and free tune-ups.  


Type of Riding5/5
Age and Size of Rider 4/5
Frame Type and Style5/5
Type of Brakes2/5
Price to Value5/5


This is a solid bike for smaller, lighter kids or adults who don’t put down too much power. But if you’ve got a young tween with a lot of strength, you’ll want to go for a bike with better-stopping power.

Best Cruiser Bike for Kids

5. Electra Cruiser 24-inch Kids Bike

image5 10
The Cruiser is cute and fun to ride. REI

Our Rating




FrameSteel Step-through
BrakesRear Coaster Brake
Gears44t chainring and 22t rear cog


  • An extremely comfortable, upright ride
  • Cool retro look
  • Great value bike


  • Only has one gear
  • Not a great bike for hilly areas

There’s something about a cruiser bike that reminds me of warm summer days at the beach, wind in your hair, and breezes blowing. The Electra Cruiser has this vacation-esque, retro feel that’s fun and easy to pedal. 

Here are the details. It’s a steel-framed, single-speed bike with a 44t chainring and a 22t cog. Riding with its cushy seat and comfortable, vibration-absorbing frame will be very comfortable. But you aren’t going to go fast with the upright position and single speed. Riding up hills will be a bit tough, but it will be a great ride on flat roads and boardwalks. 

What’s really cool about this bike is that it is designed for the seat to sit comfortably low so that kids (or short-legged adults) can put their foot down on the ground without getting off the seat. And, of course, in a true cruiser – fashion, it has a shallow step-through frame and nice comfortable, upright handlebars. 

You get even more comfort from the wide, cushy wheels and the springs in the seat. It looks like an old-fashioned bike – and it is! 

This bike has an old-fashioned coaster brake, meaning you just pedal backward to stop the bike. However, this does give you lots of stopping power as long as you know how to use it. 

This would be a fun bike to ride in a flat area, but if you live in a very hilly location, you will either get tired or really strong fast! 


Type of Riding3/5
Age and Size of Rider 5/5
Frame Type and Style5/5
Type of Brakes4/5


I really like this bike for its very comfortable ride and cool retro appearance. This is a great bike if you want something to creep over to the ice cream shop. But it won’t give you speed or hill climbs – it’s all about comfort whether you are a child or a petite adult. And if that’s your jam, it makes a lovely little bike for the price. I give it a 4.1 out of 5. 

24 Inch Bike Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best 24-inch bike, you will want to know what to look for in one of these bikes. After studying 24-inch bikes, I’ve decided on a list of important criteria for any 24-inch bike. Then, I rated each bike based on the criteria below. Here’s what you need to know.

Type of Riding

First, you need to know what riding your rider will do. Do they (or you) just want an all-around bike to ride around the neighborhood? Or maybe a hardtail to hit some gravel trails or even a full-suspension mountain bike to rip it up? On the other hand, maybe your rider just wants to cruise along the boardwalk with their puppy in a basket, which is another type of bike altogether.

Age and Size of Rider

All of the bikes on this list have 24-inch wheels. They are intended for petite adults and children roughly aged 7 to 11. If your child is extra small or extra tall, they may need a somewhat bigger or smaller bike. Typically, bikes of this size will fit anyone 4 to 5 feet tall. But ideally, your rider will have a chance to test the bike to see if it’s the right size for them.

Frame Type and Style

There are several different frame styles on this list. First of all, most of the frames are made of aluminum which is lightweight, sturdy, and inexpensive. One bike is made from steel, which is also inexpensive but gives you a smoother ride but a heavier bike.

The frame styles vary from an all-around bike, mountain bike, and step-through/cruiser frames. The frame style will depend on the type of riding you’re planning for.

Type of Brakes

In my opinion, brakes are one of the most critical functions of a bike. A bike needs good brakes, and the rider needs to know how to use them well. But different types of bikes have different types of brakes. For example, the cruiser bike uses a coaster brake. This works because it only has one gear and isn’t built for speed.

Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are better off with disc brakes. Rim brakes are also okay for bikes that won’t be in rough terrain.


Gearing has to do with the cogs on the bike that make it easier to shift and ride uphill. The cruiser bike only has one gear, so no shifting is necessary – but it might be hard to pedal uphill.

image3 8
This bike is a great value for the price. Woom


Bikes on this list range from $399 at the lower end to $1899 at the higher end. The cruiser bike is made of steel, which is less expensive and only has one gear and simple brakes, which are also less expensive. On the other hand, the full-suspension mountain bike is more expensive because it has many more parts and higher-end components. But if your rider is just cruising around the neighborhood, and less expensive bike will get the job done, but it won’t be suitable for ripping up the trails.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t always easy to find the right bike to fit a kid or a petite adult. But these bikes are all great choices for an average 7 to 11-year-old. If I were to pick a favorite, it would have to be the Marin Rift Zone JR. It’s just such a great value bike for the price, with high-end components and tons of capability. It is easy and ready to upgrade. Plus, it’s a great choice for a petite adult looking for an entry-level mountain bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which type of bike to get my child?

If your child is newer to riding, you might prefer a Woom bike for ease of use. If your child is more experienced and wants to hit the trails or the bike park, go for a mountain bike. If they just want to tool around the neighborhood, a cruiser bike is great, too.

What’s great about Woom bikes?

I love Woom bikes because they are lightweight and have child-specific geometry to help them be more comfortable and safe on the bike.

Do 24-inch bikes fit water bottles?

Many 24-inch bikes have small frames that won’t fit standard water bottle cages. You may need a side-loading bottle cage.

Can adults ride kids’ bikes?

An adult can ride a kid’s bike if they fit the height and weight requirements and feel comfortable.

Can a kid ride an adult bike?

A kid can ride an adult bike if they are big enough to ride safely and comfortably – check the size guidelines on the bike to make sure your child is big enough.

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